Friday, December 10, 2010

3 Favorite Quotes of Ling Ling Chang

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

-Eleanor Roosevelt
Ling Ling Chang Today

Beautiful. Brainy. City of Diamond Bar  Councilwoman. Newly elected Mayor Pro Tem. President and CEO of the Youth Science Center.

Ling Ling Chang is a woman used to breaking barriers, as she did when she was elected the first woman to the Walnut Valley Water District. But who is she really? As humble as she is driven, she is not someone who would describe herself as an over-achiever. But most everyone else will.

Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

l-r Andrew Wong, Jody Roberto, Ling Ling Chang, then Assemblyman Bob Huff accepting a check for the Diamond Bar Community Center from Matt Rezvani of British Petroleum

In 2006, California Senator Robert S Huff  named Ling as Woman of the Year .  Today he is no less impressed. He describes Ling as "Energetic, and loves to dig deep into issues. She has many areas of interest and expertise. Her resume is one of the most extensive I've seen. She doesn't mind championing issues even if she is in the minority if she believes in it."

Ling Ling's story is the quintessential American story, the Diamond Bar version. A dentist in Taiwan, her parents hungered to live the American Dream. Ahead of his family, he attended USC to qualify his credentials in the US. A year later, he sent for his wife and young family when Ling was only 3. First settling in Walnut,  by the time Ling was 10 the family roots were firmly planted in Diamond Bar.  

From a tender age she has observed the community demographics change from 12 % Asian then to 51% now. Trilingual, she credits Diamond Bar's avoiding the conflicts of other communities when such a large shift occurs because of the "welcoming spirit" here.

Ling's hero is her grandfather. He was an opthamologist charged by the World Health Organization to eradicate trachomia ( a leading cause of blindness and visual impairment) in Asia. This instilled in the little girl a desire to be like her grandfather, "To make a difference."

Married to  Andrew Wong (attorney and Pomona Unified School District board member), she is in her own right a dynamic half of one of Diamond Bar's most influential couples.  They met volunteering for the Diamond Bar Community Foundation. The Friends of the Library. The Chamber of Commerce. Cautious by nature, Andrew took his time before he offered Ling Ling the bling bling):- Theirs was one of the most conspicuously public courtships of Inland Valley. One that no one bet against.
(l-r) Andrew Wong, Jody Roberto and Ling Ling Chang
image courtesy of Laura Kobzeff

Ling reports that being married elected public officials is in general, "perfect". A perceived  lack of attention by an office holder leads many a spouse of an elected official to feel neglected. However, with their extensive and shared record of community service, "Being on the same page," brings with it an understanding and acceptance. 

A self described science geek, absorbing data, "To analyze evidence and (move towards) action." are the personal qualities that propel her work.  Having begun her biology studies in California, she is continuing her formal education with studies in environmental issues through Harvard.

Ever the optimist, the youthful appearing mover and shaker believes that even when things don't go as hoped for, life follows an evolutionary path. "You learn from your experiences."

Her experiences include something in the Angeles forest which is definitely not going to make my bucket list of things to do in life. Bungee jumping, 

Which leads us to her third "favorite" quote.  

Well-behaved women rarely make history

-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


  1. Lydia,

    WONDERFUL! You have captured Ling Ling!! She is an amazing young woman! Isn't it amazing that not too many years ago she was a student at Diamond Bar Hi? She has come a long way, baby!
    She and Andrew make the perfect couple! We in the DBRWF love Andrew! He is an associate of the club and is a very conservative Republican! Ling is a member of the club and has been on the executive board. She is also an alternate on our 60th AD Central Committee.
    I don't know how that lady finds the time to do all the things she does for the community!
    Love you Ling Ling! Congratulations on your new position as Mayor Pro-Tem! Next year, MAYOR!!
    Great article Lydia!

    Hugs, Trisha

  2. Thank you for writing in Trisha.

    I love writing about people who know who they are and are strong enough to stand out,with grace. They come in every variety, including political.

    Ling Ling and Andrew are no cookie cutter politicians. These are real people with honorable convictions that transcend the bias the old media doesn't have time or intention to report on.

    Ling is a Republican environmentalist.Andrew is a Republican with his bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley. The odds they would find each other- leads me to believe there is such a thing as destiny.

    Can you tell I'm itching to write Andrew's side of the story???

  3. Enjoyed your article. It is nice to learn more about her. Ling Ling Chang studied at UC Riverside, not California. We went to the same school. Good to see good things happen to good people!


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