Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finer Things

"Life is not a beginning or an end. Life is a process and to work so hard and ignore all the finer things along the way is missing the whole point."
 Gail Greco 

Roger's Gardens Cabinet top display 2008
 The rain fell steady overnight. The potted plants were pulled out from under eaves that angels may wash away the salts deposited by city water. The wind chimes a delightful alarm. A So Cal girl my entire life, I love rain. It sounds and smells of vacation. Light a pine scented candle and I would see the holidays even if I were blind.

Finer things reside not just in the homes of rich people or museums. Some quick tips on where to open your eyes-    

Get Lost. Take a side road. Getting off  the 10 Freeway to take a scenic route to the CCAA Museum of Art this cross signaled me to come take its picture on the way home. Glitter and glamour have their place, but the authentic beauty of local products ingeniously employed deserve our attention. 

The Lords House front
Don't be afraid to dive in the dumpster. An abandoned table, rescued by oldest son, Trevor found its way to my husbands workshop.
Birdseye maple field set with birds of ebony, Spanish cedar and black walnut
Nothing is finer than a hobby that takes your mind on a vacation when it is impossible for your body to slip away. An engineer by profession- this woodworking hobby morphs stressed-out Gerry merry as Santa.  My theory is that this is the truth behind giving of your time and talents. Snippets of time with woodworking freshen his mind, making him more productive and happier than any couch potato routine.
Panel 1 of 3
Function doesn't have to be dull. A little wind tunnel by the barbecue is being diverted by a very simple stained glass insert. Sitting near the ground and only 11 inches wide- the triptych design is being fitted in the opening as the panels are finished. In the future: if one panel needs a repair, it will be easy as easy to fix as store bought pie. 

Addiction can be good when it is devoted to developing your level of competency. When the current issue of Cooks Illustrated arrives, I'm like a general with a new weapons system. My arsenal of recipes is strong. Still, I find the simple precision written by "America's Test Kitchen" refreshing and full of useful tips.

 Which brings us to The Recipe.  My Hazelnut Torte is in the family hall of fame.Voted there as a revelation in our search for gluten free holiday desserts. First published on this blog on Christmas, 2008, with so many new  readers, this is a classic worth repeating.

From our house to yours- Merry Christmas.  

Gail Greco quote from "Secrets of Entertaining"  A Threeforks book first published in 1989
The Lords House is located at 9284 Baseline Rd, Alta Loma, CA 91701
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Anonymous said...


I thought that cake was a picture out of a cookbook or magazine but then I looked at the decor in the room. I saw your Christmas tree, etc. sitting there so I knew you had made the cake. How beautiful it is! How did you find such lush and big strawberries this time of year? They are probably out there with a big price tag, right?
Glad you had a good time at Gene's party. Too bad Ger wasn't up to going with.
Beautiful church and beautiful blog. I can just imagine that Roger's Gardens would be amazingly beautiful this time of year.
Thanks for spending all those hours writing this so we can enjoy!

Hugs XO Trisha

Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia, today's blog is awesome. It refreshed my mind of why I love to go to Rogers Gardens during the holidays each year. Must take my grandson down on Tues or Wed.

As for the hazzelnut torte ----- oh ----- you succeeded in tormenting me, if that was your intent! lol

Anonymous said...

Love how you see beauty in many places. I think I've seen that church's facade before... And the cake looks wonderful. Happy Christmas to you.