Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finish in Style

Sunset by Gene Sasse

The emotional power of  formless forever stills the mind. The glorious beauty in Southern California sunset wrapped days surely have seduced many a snowbird to stay.

December is officially underway. Clear just a few days ago, my desk is somewhere under the disheveled pile of paper- which apparently while my attention was turned to deadlines and decorations cloned itself onto the credenza . My mind screams, "Enough!"  This is the last month of the year. Finish in style.

 Like the first and last note of the orchestra, December and January are the most important notes to play cleanly. Now is the time to prepare for the last note of the year- which ironically sets up the first note of the year to follow.

Christmas Tin ready to be sent to soldier or sailor
The year "we" sent out 600 Christmas Cards was the year, it was clearly time to recognize overwhelming equality is fruitless fantasy. Rather than spreading resources filo sheet thin, the Christmas greeting budget was changed to reflect what we hold dearest. The postage saved on minor acquaintances more than  paid for jerky to be sent to loved ones. Candy for children and cookies to anonymous servicemen.

For the last, I must thank Patty Gee. She makes it so easy. I pack some tins full of goodies and she handles the rest. Thank goodness of people who make giving so convenient. I don't think she'll tell on me: this year Albertson's did the baking and helped with the candy):-

There are still Christmas greetings sent by mail. There are people who deserve to be acknowledged.  When the list becomes stressful, listen to the inner voice. Stop. Slow down. Stroll through the garden for equilibrium. Learn lessons of life from the silent voice of the garden: her flora.

Rosa 'Dick Clark'
Sticking your nose in a flower is healthier than sticking it into someone else's business

Rosa 'Our Lady of Guadalupe'

My niece Anka chose this rose. I think of that lovely young lady every time I walk up to these beauties.

Aeonium 'Kiwi'

Writer Debra Lee Baldwin made it easy to fall in love with succulents. I do hope she's at the GWA* event this weekend.
Rosa 'Betty Boop'
I hope that as I age, my beauty holds as well as it has in this rose.  She is finishing in style.

GWA-  Garden Writer's Association.


  1. Lydia, lovely decos. Reminds me of more to do. Your tin for the lucky military persona reminded me that I need to go shopping for little treasures for my Christmas Shoe Box for Samaritan's Purse. Think I'll do a boy Bradley's age this year. I do know what they like. ;-)

    Then in a few days will make cookies for a group that sends them to the soldiers. Thanks for getting me moving!


  2. Hi Lydia, just for you and your fans.. if you want a really neat way to send packages to the Military this Christmas, the Naval bases are supposed to have it such that you take it over to them and they will see that it gets to the servicemen. But it is a good idea to call first.. Los Al is doing it for this area. And thank you Patty Gee--

  3. Those on your list that now receive jerky are very greatful!


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