Tuesday, January 4, 2011


As a child, it was odd to have my birthday mid the 12 Days of Christmas. There was never spare money for a present like my sisters got for their summer celebrations. Now that I am 56, I am grateful to have been granted one more complete year. And the chance for another.

It wasn't so when I was a child- as an adult I am about the healthiest person I know. Good health is a present from the Almighty that requires diligent maintenance. As a reminder of His gift's greatness- tonight's prayer will include the names of those not so lucky.
So what's been up in Lydialand?  It isn't exactly a vacation or staycation. It is more of an annual feng shui  for the soul.  

The garage ceiling and the brain are nearly cleared of cobwebs. Decorations and ideas were dealt with in the same way. The inner editor made decisions. Projects were reviewed with the future in mind. Some judged dubious in value; the worthless went in the trash. The worthy, but off target, given away. Some have value added by re-purposing. Others deserve to either be treasured just as they are.

With decisions made, when Epiphany bids good bye, everything is in order to move 2011 forward successfully.

Until we we meet again- I wish you Godspeed .


  1. Lydia,

    I know I have told you numerous times today but a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    I am hoping that Mr. Gerry will take you out to someplace marvelous for your birthday dinner!
    Now, I thought I was the healthiest person you know! lol Thank God for his many blessings and good health is close to the top of the list!

    Hugs, and have a wonderful day!
    XOXO Trisha

  2. Sounds like your birthday celebration was a good one. Your birthday being 2 days from my granddaughters... both of you are extremely bright and pretty. Must be the Capricorn thing... I found this:
    Capricorns are "practical and prudent
    Ambitious and disciplined
    Patient and careful
    Humorous and reserved"
    Happy Birthday again! A couple of the LE fellas I have lunch with once a month said their wives make it a "birthday month" and that sounds good to me!!!


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