Thursday, June 23, 2011

Saint Francis and The Garden

The Chapel at Saint Jude's Hospital in Fullerton, CA
Sometimes you have to set down the day planner. Forget what you have scheduled to do. Instead, you do what needs to be done. When those plans include a spontaneous need to visit the hospital- you go. You pray.
It all worked well. Although you must wait a bit for my review of  HGTV's Jamie Durie and his newest release, The Outdoor Room.  Trust me. That will be worth waiting to read. First, a few words of thanks to "The Man" Upstairs.  
Sunny Yarrow and shades of red Valerian perk up a parking strip

The visit to the hospital could have gone the other way. But it didn't and I am thankful for so many things that a week ago I took for granted.

Jackmani clematis mingles with trumpet vine

This week it doesn't bother me, the time it takes to untangle the vines with tendrils wrestling for the upper hand.

The fragrant 'Betty Woods'  Daylily is forgiven for not establishing sooner.

The spike of common Lambs Ear rubs against the cement bench. The one I laid my first mosaic on for an anniversary long ago- which number it was now forgotten. More important was those days earlier this month when I thought perhaps my 35th Anniversary might have been my last.

It's a strange mix of tired that comes with the unknown when really good news follows.
My concentration is not quite as disciplined - and it doesn't seem to matter compared to the fact that there is every reason to believe the husband of my youth will be my partner in old age.


Anonymous said...

As close as I am to St. Jude's, I've never visited their chapel. I'm glad for your answered prayers, Lydia, and that you have emerged more thankful.

Anonymous said...


Yes we have much to be thankful for. At times we all tend to forget that until something terrifying happens and it turns out well.
My guys had to go to the ER last night as Daryl has been very sick and dad took him. He came home feeling better and carrying a bag from In n Out Burger. That's a good sign! :)
So glad it turned out well for Ger.
Hugs to him and you!
XO Trisha

Fishtail Cottage said...

Thanks so much for linking your garden post to Cottage Flora Thursday's - such pretty flowers in your garden! xoox,tracie