Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Garden is Child of Art

Nothing is more the child of art than a garden- Sir Walter Scott

Alex held the vase and pointed where to clip
Alexander Chavez -when he grows up- will he garden like a child with a box of crayons on a sheet of paper? What impression of the family day will outlast his childhood? 

Will it be the scent of the old German rose, the sneeze-inducing feverfew daisies? We tried to scurry some up, but the bunnies didn't come out to meet Alex. However, the Monarch Butterflies  wings sailed the unseen currents, skimming back and forth where ever there was open sky.

Will it be our barking dogs?  Our Chihuahuas understand small dogs and big people visitors- but they had trouble getting their brains around the "shrunken human." ):-

The Day Before, Mother Nature added her own touch of smoke

Art conjures emotions from all our senses.The air quality was painted with concern the day before. I almost cancelled an interview  from worry the wind would kick up. But I decided to have a friend monitor the situation for me. Any chance this fire would catch a flight here on an ash, and I was turning back home. The fire across the ridge Brea was contained to 380 acres, staining the sky with a film of gray soot. 

So much for the lunch on the patio plans. It was fine to visit  in the morning hours  before  Alex's entourage was all assembled. But inhalers at the dining table is not the visual I look to create.

Me with my sister Gina and our niece Anka- the lizard on the back wall is not related.

  Anka and husband Chet were visiting from Portland. This brought my sister down the hill from Apple Valley. Which enticed Krsista to bring Gina's grandson. Gerry managed lunch off. We're a small family with branches widely scattered across the United States. Rarely do many of us pop up together.

We changed our plans from al fresco to The Mandarin Taste. One of Diamond Bar's oldest dining establishments with fast friendly service and American-style Chinese food.  Old Timers may remember when Ken's Ace Hardware did business here- but that was a long time ago, when town progress was measured in street lights.

It's been double-time at the office. This is a fun story you may enjoy where current events that gave me a great excuse to call Ruth Stueve. Remember the great love that was hers and her husband's. Click on over and enjoy!


  1. Lydia,
    What a wonderful pic of you, your sister and niece. It was a terrific one of you. You and Gina sure do look alike!
    I never did get the story of who little Alex belong to. He's an adorable child but who does he belong to??
    Hope the family enjoyed Mandarin Taste. My fav Chinese place in DB! YUM!!

    Hugs, Trisha

  2. Gina is Gina Chavez. Alex came with his mom, Krista, wife of Gina's son Manny.

    Gerry has the best pictures of them- but he hasn't sent over yet.

  3. Adore seeing children helping in the garden....sweet photo! thanks for sharing at Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo, tracie


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