Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pain ~ Pleasure ~ Memories

Requiem. In Latin- Missa pro defunctis. In English-The celebration mass  for the repose of the soul. 

I have taken a few days off to compose my thoughts on current events.

Oslo, Norway. My husband was assigned there for an extended period. We would go 3-6 weeks without seeing each other. One Friday, just before an anniversary, Gerry called to ask

"Would you like to meet me here on Monday?" 

You betcha.

Someday I shall write about the beauty of the country and its people. For now, I wish to say

The terrorist last week claims to be a Christian. I heard a noted journalist proclaim that because this person (whose name I will not honor with publishing) says he is a Christian, we must take him at his word. What pure perverted poppycock. NO. It dishonors those of us who see God as the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost- to let a mass-murderer implicate our faith.

Borders Books and Music ailed for a very long time. A former employer, the formerly venerable business struggled for at least a decade to "find itself" in the Age of Amazon.com. Not as strong in customer service as Barnes and Noble and not as cheap as Amazon.com, what Border's excelled at was mediocrity. Unfortunate for the fine employees counting down to hoped-for retirements they worked very hard for.

My niece Vicki - she was hospitalized with complications of diabetes. Thank you God, that she is better.

Now, please move with me from the pain of last weekend back to where we left off with a family celebration centered on the Aquarium of the Pacific

I loved reading the names of major donors. Among the names- British Petroleum and Boeing.  I know it is popular to demonize large corporations. But corporations are like people-  in prosperity, capable of great good.

The sea anemone filled me with the same child-like wonder it did when I on a family vacation near the  Oregon Sand Dunes .  Could it really be nearly half a century since I first poked my  finger into the center of one ? I remember being totally enchanted. Fortunately my parents noticed the tide sweeing in. A few more minutes alone playing in the tide pools and I would have been cut off  on a hillside with pine trees, wild shasta daisie and not much else, except maybe bears.   

Gerry- look at how relaxed he is feeding the manta rays? He was always the wise one in our family. He didn't just make a living- he made wonderful memories for me and our children.

 Gerry and our guests were enamoured with the sea creatures- I am a lady of the land. The tile mural and fountain-  Rios de la Vida (Rivers of Life) is an amazing piece of interpretive sculpture.

Then it was off to celebrate the summer birthdays at George's Greek Cafe.   The Pine Avenue location has a patio- and some of the best service in California.  Before dinner, our waiter brought us some bottles of wine to sample

 Happy Birthday to Chet and Anka of Portland Oregon

 Happy Birthday to Shannon and Kenny Plunk of Huntington Harbor, CA

With 6, we ordered one of the Family Style dinners-where you can order more plates of favorites. One course is Saganaki- Battered and Fried Greek Kasseri Cheese, Flamed at the Table with Brandy, Finished with Kalamata olives.

Saganaki is as delicious as the presentation is spectacular.

The Future- If tomorrow never comes, we had this day. God willing, we shall have more good times together. And if fortune smiles- with our oldest son, Trevor able to celebrate his summer birthday with us, too.  


  1. Lydia,
    What a lovely blog this is. So glad Vickie is better now.
    Loved the mural where you were feedng the rays. Also loved seeing The Carnival Splendor in the background!
    What a wonderful family celebration you had! Good that they all have summer birthdays so you could celebrate them all at once.
    FUN!! Nothing better than sharing a good meal and celebrating with loved ones. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oops, forgot to sign my note!
    Hugs, Trisha

  3. Your blog is filled with Love & Light...we lift all the beautiful souls that were lost in this tragedy and know that All is WELL...happy that you enjoyed a bit of the PNW as I am from Seattle and spent many summers in Oregon with my cousins. Keep spreading your light...it's shining all the way to Tennessee!

  4. The horror in Norway is haunting in every way. Unthinkable, Unimagineable.

    What a LOVELY Celebration, Lydia....Thaty Sea Anemone---GORGEOUS and Magical. And then to have a wonderful Family Dinner at a lbeoved restaurant....YUM!
    What could be better.....


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