Thursday, February 9, 2012

Exceeding Normal~ Simple Pleasures ~Super Bowl

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. "

Benjamin Franklin

 What sweeter sound is there than the cooing of dove? Look closely in the branches and see what lovely shape is nervously anticipating that the barrel I have aimed at him might not be a camera, but a gun? He needn't have flown off. I wanted to sing he and the family back "It's okay- I cancelled my NRA membership."  

Sometimes I wish I were more like the wind vane. Proudly it goes about its business, without fear of disappointing or disputable errors. 

I must get about during normal hours to capture the V- formations of ducks declaring it time for snowbirds to settle in our mild clime. Not to excuse, just to explain- last week we had the rare opportunity to be with people who normally exceed normal - medical professionals and their support staff. 

Many came to America for an education, then stayed for the greatness of this nation that generously welcomed them. Some have family left behind where there is great strife. Places where nature's nasty side leaves scars over decades; countries that do not hold human life with the same respect as the United States has a long tradition of. 

 As these people cared for my loved one, I promised to pray for theirs.  

The simple mural with a ship and pipe painted like a light house was a primitive salute to the healing powers of an ocean view room. Kenny, our youngest son who lives in Huntington Harbor, had to hold back a bit of a giggle at how the child-like scenic charmed his parents.
pebbles mimic water smoothed rocks

Pebbles on an outcropping roof made me laugh for all the times my knees have suggested trading in my hillside haven for a raked pebble patio.

What beach scene is complete without palm trees?

Never underestimate the power of simple symbolism  in promoting healing.

Now, a  hospital room is not the "normal" place to hold a Super Bowl Party- but when the host can't be in front of his own big screen- his wife goes wherever he is. With pleasure.

"Normal" years, my husband's request for game time food can be summed up by the end result - heart burn.  This year offered the chance for his wife to discover the simple joy of sneaking a single bottle of Cook's Brut Champagne- like is nested in a 4 bottle picnic pack to serve over ice in the ubiquitous Styrofoam cup. 

The crispy bubbly turned out to be perfect to sip with the childhood delight of cheese squeezed onto buttery crackers . I know, there goes any reputation for being a bit of a snob on food and drink. Maybe this isn't as fine a combination as Miranda Lambert holding hands with her husband Blake Shelton while serenading a nation with America the Beautiful or as sublime as Kelly Clarkson's Star Spangled Banner- but it was darn good in the tradition of simple pleasures. 

Gerry is home now. Just a few short weeks and we are wiser and healthier and full of more faith than before how miraculous life hit home with the precision and impact of a guided missile.

 For every challenge- what we have to be grateful is 10 -fold.  As much as I look forward to what his returning to work means as a sign of life having returned to normal, I am already missing his daily around the clock companionship.

Our oldest son is flying in from fly-over country tomorrow. I have reams to write. But my fingers may not be typing. Trevor is a man- the practiced normalcy of writing is far exceeded with wanting his words to fill every cranny of my consciousness.

Time is never squandered when it is used to bond with loved ones.


  1. I didn't realize Gerry had been back in The Hospital, my dear---But, I'm glad to read he is home again...!! I know you must really enjoy having him with you around the house....!
    Lovely pictures of lovely things...! I adore the cooing of the Mourning Dove....!

  2. Good morning. Yep, healing is science and art. The doctors had to "edit" their pervious work for him to have a solid recovery.

    Which, while delayed, is on its way.

  3. Just like you and Gerry to find ways to celebrate the traditions of your lives -- wherever you are! Glad he's continuing to improve at his pace.


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