Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where there is Water There is Life~ A New hummingbird

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."

Loran Eisely, The Immense Journey, 1957

The finch stand atop the bubbler. The secret to not having mosquitoes in a water feature is to keep the water moving. This small barrel fountain is set on a timer to splash twice a day.


While the hummingbirds at this fountain generally quench their thirst in-flight- the finch prefer a foothold within the moving waters.

Even the smallest patio can have a little water feature. Be selfish- set yours to splash when you are most likely able to feel the restorative magic of  nature's beauties bathing.
See the drop of water held in the beak? There's a photo that would not have happened with a point and shoot camera.

An assortment of Hummingbirds is returning with the flowers

I wonder if the mild winter contributed to a drop-off in daily counts of "our" hummingbirds?
Most years it is as though they rather not migrate away. Not for anything. They shelter in place. But this year- they packed their bags for the winter season. They are just now returning from whatever rendezvous tempted them.

Plus a newer variety to our garden.  Last year the new critter was a snake. I like it so much better that this year the new guest is a hummingbird.

 OK- Hummingbird experts- This newbie to the neighborhood likes to fly stratospherically high. He is stealthily quiet. Small of stature- perhaps that explains his Napoleonic effect on the ethnic varieties of fellow hummers giving him wide birth. If you know what name he goes by, please drop a line.  

Thank you to Gerry Plunk for today's images. Glad you like "my" camera):-


  1. I don't know the name, but I sure do love him and all the other Hummers, too--in fact, it is so lovely to see ALL the darling Birds...! Gerry is outdoung himself with these WONDERFUL Pictures!

  2. That should be "OUTDOING"...Sorry about that--my finger slipped over to the "u"...!

  3. LOL! I didn't notice the typo in the first message until you mentioned it):-
    He also got some "funny" pictures of how I look gardening. Those were destroyed.

  4. Lydia,

    Funny because our Hummers never left for the winter. John and I thought it strange that they hung around the whole time. Could be that they love being here no matter what because John is their buddy! He fills two bottles for them twice a day! Too much trouble to fly to Mexico when they are well fed here.
    Great photos!! What are the kinds of birds in the top photos, the one drinking at the fountain?

    XO Trisha

  5. Hi! Trisha. Top photos are goldfinch.

  6. Thank you, Joan! I need to visit your blog....

  7. Well done, Mr. Plunk! It's clear you've made some birds very happy with your water features. I remember one really dry and hot stretch when a humming bird drank from the water spraying from my hose as I stood there in awe.

  8. Nikki- I will pass the comment along to Gerry.


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