Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Part 1- Sherman Library and Gardens Private Gardens Tour

"Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things."
Philippians 4:8

Anyone who holds the verse above dear needs to view this lovely woman's blog  Nikkipolani.  

The Avengers

When my hubby heard the Private Gardens Tour to benefit the Sherman Library and Gardens Volunteer Association ticketed event advised no photography on site allowed, he was more than pleased to be enticed by church friends to a private screening of The Avengers  instead  Leaving me a ticket to offer Miss Nikki. 

We began the day with lovely light refreshments including skewered fruit, walnut chicken salad on a first rate bun and melt- in- the- mouth cookies under the beguiling lath at the epicenter of the event- The Sherman.

Buffered by stuccoed walls from the noise of Pacific Coast Highway, this may be the cleanest 2.2 acres of heaven on this earth.  Even the bathroom floors are so clean you could eat off them. For a different reason than you can eat off my kitchen floor after I am finished cooking):-

If you have someone in your life who thinks succulents are boring, a stroll through their dedicated xeriscape is a study in technicolor and textural possibilities. Lower maintenance does not equate with  lower artistic value.

I do believe the continuing education in my field to be the BEST of any profession.

 Garden gates are notoriously harsh environments for door decor. A succulent wreath glows where  most plants will frail-out.

 A palm tree planted up with impatiens fascinates. A cross between a totem and the wall-pocket planter- in dry Diamond Bar- this could never happen. But if it could - perhaps all those horrid unkept palm trees might bring out the artistic nature of the neighborhood tree trimmers.

The bronze turtles in the pond moved. Making an illusion even grander through their proof of life. 

Nikkipolani blogged about our adventure in touring the private gardens in Newport and Corona del Mar as a Grand Day Out . Take a peak- you will thank me for sending you over to her site. 

This garden, with roses spilling over the white picket fence, foxglove pointing up from geraniums planted to the curb, all but shouted for me to pull over and snap its portrait.  

When I look at this garden- I see a family unafraid to show their love. What do you see?   


  1. I See Such BEAUTY!!! Lovely, in every way....I of course, loved that first photi with the Euphornias....(Obe day you will have to come see my Garden, Lydia...)
    So lush with color and flowers and the miracle of Nature....!
    I went to your friends site too----More Beauty!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing. xo

  3. Thank you for sharing such a delightful garden experience. The family is sharing creative beauty and love supreme with everyone who comes in contact with their garden. Yes even those of us in Nashville via internet! Thanks again!

  4. Dear Old Lady of the Hills- Seeing your garden is at the top of things I must do before I die list.
    Sue- Thank you.

    Mrs Wright- Thank you for dropping in from Nashville.

  5. You are too sweet, Lydia. I loved spending the day with you and now seeing what you saw.


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