Sunday, June 3, 2012

Part II Sherman Gardens and Library Private Gardens Tour ~Dog Jerky

"An enchanted life has many moments when the heart is overwhelmed with beauty and the imagination is electrified by some haunting quality in the world or by a spirit or voice speaking from deep within a thing, a place, or a person. Enchantment may be a state of rapture and ecstasy in which the soul comes to the foreground, and the literal concerns of survival and daily preoccupation at least momentarily fade into the background."
Thomas Moore

This house is love- at- first- sight enchanting. This melange of materials- the tree overhanging the arched front door- this is first rate craftsmanship. Architecture as art of the first order.

Part of how this look is pulled off is the complex building materials are counterbalanced by simple plantings. Two ivy geraniums stationed in a terra Cotta pot hang over the pillar with the body language a curious cat might.

Generous corbels, covered in the creamiest white add depth and introduce smooth texture, brilliantly setting off the abundance of matte and rough finishes.

Pots and crisply espaliered plantings prevent the hardscape from over-baking the scene. The flagstone inserts are a genius touch, leading the eye as an arrow.

Nikkipolani spotted this ocean-like driveway. It initiated the first of many u-turns as my navigator kept her eye out for photographic opportunities along our intended route. Notice the horizontal grid doors on garage- a graphic detail that is very popular at beach-side communities.

I'm not quite sure how the crunch beneath the wheels would be going up and down daily. Maybe some maintenance as the loose stones give way beneath the wheels. Like I should talk negatively about maintenance issues given what I have going here...

This little vignette was on the side of a seriously detailed modern garden. This little bit of light-hearted humor humanized a very formal garden. It reminds me to share  with you a recipe our forever puppies adore. Chicken jerky. Simply slice very thinly organic chicken breasts sans skin and bones. Lay out reasonable length slices on the dehydrator. Turn on the heat until dry. 

You can buy the spice-less chicken breast jerky for around  $25/ bag or you can make it for less than $10. From our dogs reaction- homemade definitely beats store bought. 

Again- shiny black reflective garage door panels framed in horizontal matte cast iron-like grid. Somehow- I just can't imagine the kitchen in anything but similar material mix. Very resort like.

This home was very near the home at top that enchanted me required a completely different set of craftsmen to complete. The first required working with wide tolerances in oddly shaped materials. This facade requires craftsmen trained to  exactitude in degree.  The round leaded glass window hints at admiration of  sea-worthiness.

Real wood doors, the grain showing, framed in timbers.  This is handsome elegance. Until you've seen this color wood on a yacht- you have something to live for.

The side gate- to my eye- seaweed.

I meant to call the number on this sign to get the official detailing descriptive on this home. This week was too short. 

This horizontal grid pattern- it isn't just for garages. Here it is on deeply tinted widows. The cellist kindly allowed the photograph, which was carefully angled so not to invade the owner's privacy.  Live music played on the breezy bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean: enchantment defined. The only thing missing was champagne. Probably omitted so that I and all the other visitors would go back to our own homes):- 

This ends the tour- for tonight. The enchantment of gardening in coastal California continues just as soon as I can sneak back to post more pictures. 


  1. Once again, a fascinating post, Lydia....Lots of "architecture" mixed with Gardening aspects. Really wonderful! Thank you for all these wonderful posts---I feel I have been on tour with you!

  2. Obviously lots of love and care went into this home. Beautiful! As the "Old Lady" said, I am also enjoying the tour! xo

  3. Good memories, Lydia. I love your attention to the architectural details. I just see something and think "pretty!" and *snap* Thank you again, too, for all the efficient U-turns for our visual adventure.

  4. How I wish I could have all three of you around every day!

  5. Fabulous flowers! Thank you for visiting my blog!

  6. Lydia,

    I am late reading this post but you know why. I too was enchanted with this home. At first I thought it was your garage and home until I saw the darling little arched doors. LOVED the garage door wood?
    What a beautiful place! Yes, champagne would have been in order for this setting!! Lovely photos and description!

    Hugs, Trisha


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