Monday, November 19, 2012

God, Government and Shopping in Jackson, Woming

There is a reason to believe in God rather than government. God can turn things on a dime while bureaucracies generally turn with all the grace and speed of the Titanic. 

Life is like the weather. You can count on change. Sometimes extreme. One day I am in Tucson craving the shallow shade offered by the reincarnation of an old mission wall.   

Barely home long enough to rotate the clothing in suitcases for something more appropriate to wear to Jackson, Wyoming.  

Remember the Glass Gem Corn in Tucson?  Look what I found in Jackson

The custom beaded necklace is priced for practical shoppers
You can't eat this- but you can wear it):- This luxurious custom creation is one of jewelry designer Michele LaBounta's extraordinarily beautiful pieces which she retails exclusively through the Wort Corner shop, Lila Lou's. 

Along with the unofficial store greeter Scamp, proprietress Kathy Sandford has packed this small shop floor to ceiling with a potpourri of visually stimulating items to entice browsers off the sidewalk and into the store. Her assortment of stock is eclectic, the appeal definitely feminine. 

A direct descendant of the one of the founding families of Jackson, Kathy understands the appeal of Jackson. People aren't drawn to Jackson because it is new. It is not. Rather, it is the beautiful. As is everything in her store. 

Lila Lou's at Wort's Corner 
125 West Pearl
PO Box 1693
Jackson, Wyoming 83001

At this moment a contingent of United States Marines are being deployed to Israel. Please pray for their  mission to be successful and for their safe return.


  1. Lydia,

    What a shock to go from the heat of Arizona to the cold of Wyoming in such a short time. Is Jackson the same place as Jackson Hole?

    Love the necklace. I couldn't determine if you bought it or were just admiring it. If it's yours now I want to see it on you soon!

    Hugs, Trisha

  2. Good morning Trisha. Jackson Hole is the trapper way of saying Jackson Valley. There are other towns in Jackson Hole, but Jackson is the only incorporated city. This is truly one of the most beautiful spots in the country.

    When the time is right, you'll see the necklace):-

  3. I've never been to Wyoming, but hopefully some day.... Interesting. Pretty necklace. Scamp is adorable! xo

  4. Anyone mesmerized by the grandeur of nature or the friendship of good people would love Wyoming. Hope you make it there.

  5. John and I have been there. I do believe it was when John III was 2 or 3 and we took him on a road trip to our Idaho property and thru Yellowstone. We stopped in Jackson Hole, bought a picnic lunch and ate out on one of the grassy park type places with picnic benches. Truly delightful and beautiful place!!

    XO Trisha

  6. Hmmm, likening government bureaucracies to the Titanic is maligning the Titanic, I think. I love store greeters like Scamp.

    p.s. will pray for those marines.


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