Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2013 Fullerton Beautiful's Open Gardens Tours - Part 1

There are cities where the residents come to gardening easily. Fullerton is such a city.  This past April 28th,  the  2013 Fullerton Beautiful Committee presented the gardens of 7 special homeowners brave enough to open their garden gates wide to the curious public.
Let the taste of two gardens whet your appetite for more.

 Robert and Jan's garden did what all gardens do. Told a story of what the homeowners value. 

 With seating arrangements from the front courtyard, on the patio and tucked about the garden, these are hospitable people who care for the comfort of their guests.


They are the creative sort. Look closely at the stacked pots of herbs. With pockets larger than a standard strawberry jar- the potential for abundance is multiplied without requiring a larger footprint.

Everywhere, the garden is filled with vignettes. The crystal water droplet falling from the spigot teased smiles a little brighter on the faces of those strolling through. 

This mosaic sphere was created by the homeowner- in a former life as a bowling ball, it certainly wasn't so visually alluring.

This image is a lesson in why function should marry form.  It not only shows pride, it makes chores so much more enjoyable.

More people should do what this homeowner created- a seating area where you can argue the virtues of looking at versus looking from.

Why shouldn't the fences of a garden be used to hang art and mirrors in the garden?  If I were to pick a word to describe this garden's style, it would be charming.

The homeowners think of themselves as novice gardeners, but they underestimate their talent. Fine gardening is not limited to those who can spout words in Latin and display plants with price tags the value of a car. Fine gardening achieves a goal. This garden, with the fountains scattered about, artful arrangement of seating is a garden that encourages neighborly visits. If I were a plant and could choose where to live- I would be happy to be adopted and raised in this place. For this is an exceedingly happy garden.

 Many thanks to my companion for the day. Nikkipolani is one of my favorite bloggers. While she isn't a photographer by trade- she could be.  She has some wonderful pictures of the tour here.

Look on her site for the magnificent kitchen in Nikki's photos of the next garden, the Engineered Garden.

With views from the deck of the 29 palms (plants, not the city) this three story garden has elements reminiscent of the Robinson Estate and Gardens in Beverly Hills. Including some rather serious steps  where one could climb down to visit the roots of the crowns which tower above.

What was absolutely fascinating is what Nancy, the homeowner, shared about the annual trimming of the palm trees.  Once the trimmer rises to the top, he zip lines from tree to tree, not returning to the ground until the last tree is groomed. This is the garden of a homeowner committed to her responsibility to the environment.

Which leaves us with 5 more gardens to show us the special stories of their owners.

Until next time- thank you for all you do to make the world more beautiful.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

What is really really clear when you see all these different gardens is how the individual home owners bring their very personal stamp to each one---whether big or small....! Great Tour, Lydia.

Lydia said...

Naomi - Thank you for dropping by. The speedy comment is encouraging. It is quite a wonderful set to introduce before I set about on another tour.

Anonymous said...

I certainly enjoyed your photos and comments of your tour. I especially enjoyed Nikki's blog and her gorgeous photos! She sounds like the perfect partner for these garden tours.
Oh how I wish I had the patients and the back for planting beautiful gardens but as you know, around here it's as maintenance free as we can get! :)

Hugs and until next time...

XO Trisha

nikkipolani said...

Part of what I liked about that first garden was how the homeowners accomplished so much with familiar and non-exotic plantings. They had a few eye-catching elements, but they are clearly about welcome (especially appreciated the cold drinks they provided for garden tour guests).

Lydia said...

Nikki- Amen. This house set a great bar to open with.