Friday, May 24, 2013

Fullerton Open Gardens 2013~ Part IV

The colorful Nana's Garden was cooked up from scratch. The only original ingredient from 2010: a bougainvillea.  What you see is joy- this is a garden perfect for grandchildren. Just past the tree, the gaggle of children- there is a turtle entertaining them. 

What you don't see are the underpinnings of efficiency in water and maintenance.  

What a delightful stroll to the back- the street curtained from view by trees.  Mulch carpets beneath colorful blossoms waving in the breeze to passing butterflies and hummingbirds.  

The color and texture of inlaid pavers offer firm footing dressed while intimating substance and significance beyond the years of the garden's existence. 

This is a small garden living large. Only 25' deep, the iron fence allows the owners to borrow the sky and the  view of the trail just on the other side. The sound of water coursing down the little fall and meandering stream entreats birds from the neighborhood to check out the burgeoning  plantings. 

A dozen koi entertain for their hand-fed dinner. 

Design note: Water features aren't accessories any more. They are expected wardrobe staples in a well-dressed garden. 

Mosquitoes in Southern California are petite compared to other parts of the nation, where the bulbous dive-bombers  are horrifyingly sized akin to finches.  I didn't know this until I was fortunate enough to visit the South: fans circulating on the patio deter mosquitoes from dining on the diners. 

All the greenery pinned so closely to the house and fence- the air is oh so gently refined when wafting from within  a corridor adorned in abundant shrubbery.

Fruiting flat against a trellis, these berries wait for birds to discover.  

Until next time, Thank your for all YOU do to make the world more beautiful.  


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Very Very Beautiful, Lydia....It always amazes me how each and every Garden has such an individual and unique look---so very personal, really....! And, of course that makes perfect sense---Each and every Garden is created by a unique person with a unique "eye" and 'Heart'...!

nikkipolani said...

It was amazing and inspiring what the owners accomplished in such a shallow garden. And how fortunate they were to have natural beauty to borrow beyond their own fences.