Monday, June 3, 2013

Catching Up With My Country Garden

Everything that slows us down and forces patience 
Everything that sets us back in the slow circles of nature is a help.
 Gardening is an instrument of Grace. 
~May Sarton

Tornadoes. Fires. Political Scandals. Who couldn't use some extra Grace last week? Besides, it not being healthy to work 24/7- creativity is the caveat which elevates good to great. Fresh perspective must be  frequently nourished outside the office. Away from scouting assignments, queries and submissions. 

When my cranky-o-meter starts to make noise, it's time for me to get a little dirty. 

The seasons of my garden are linked through layers of nearly everlasting bloom. The hummingbirds generally ignore the store bought feeders. 

For some reason, this copper domed model  being squeezed by a couple blooms of rosa 'Dick Clark'  isn't just "flying room only"-

It is a real and regular rest stop for the dozens of hummingbirds who visit it during our patio  breakfast breaks. 

A perk of my trade_ This buttery yellow rose arrived in a box from Jackson and Perkins . Unfortunately it is was not labeled.My mystery rose is in a well- shaded position- the leaves stay clean without any spraying. It blooms regularly. Note to self- send a picture to the company for an ID. 

Angling the camera slightly southward, you can view the finger canyon that is the source of our country view. 

Back when this subdivision was planned- this space was intended to be filled with high voltage towers. Enter the age of buried utilities. Over the years, trees have filled in. The ownership of the strip is broken up among the private properties it ribbons through- there will be no development  through the belt of chaparral.   

Squirrels may be rodents- but at least they are cute rodents. 

 We do miss the quail which used to live in the valley before all the house cats moved in.  Perhaps we can try incubation and reintroduction in the near future since the coyotes keep the  house cat population down.  

Not that all predators are land-based. This image of a Cooper's hawk looking at the "so- fresh- it's -live-menu" was taken while sitting at my study desk.  

Do we have bunnies? Now that we don't keep hunting dogs- Yes.

Garden hint. When you have statuary disappearing  into growing plantings, as this little cement bunny was- inexpensive clay pots make great pedestals. Use a pot whose bottom is as large as the sculpture it is to hold higher off the ground. To make the pot heavy enough so they don't turn over, put a paper coffee filter in the bottom, fill most of the way with cement. Add just enough water to stir. When its dry- turn over and top.  

What is a country garden without mason jars of bouquets brought in on a whim?  This day rosa 'Betty  Boop', Valerian and blue borage  transferred some of the Grace that grows outside to the interior.  

Thank you for dropping by. Until we meet again, thank you for all YOU do to make the world more beautiful.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Everything is so very Beautiful. I LOVE all the little creatures who come a-visiting---the Bunnies and squirrals and of course, the WONDERFUL Hummingbirds!

Oregon Sue said...

The birds and bunnies in your garden are great! xo

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Love all the little creatures visiting your garden.
No hunting dogs? lol Reno and Tahoe don't hunt? I'll bet they go after the bunnies.

Thank you for the beautiful tour!

XO Trisha

nikkipolani said...

Delightful post, Lydia! I'm sure you have proper stuff in that bird feeder, but the coloring in the image looks like you're serving pink champagne ;-)