Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rose Society of Saddleback Valley Elegant and Enchanting- Part III

"Begin with the end in mind." 
~Stephen R Covey

One of the differences between humans and God's other creatures is we can have an emotional reaction to a photograph. This gift is a sign of our significance to Him.  I look at this picture and feel the ocean cooled breeze as it was that day; smile at the thought of seagulls floating across invisible currents. I feel the warmth of the open hospitality of the homeowners. 

 This view is certainly where Rick and Julie Borgens began as they planned their home and garden. Every wall. Every stone. Every decorative object. 

Sea shells and succulents  inset into a recessed hallway are just the right note.  Usual items displayed unusually catapults the sum of artistic value above any individual component. 

 Blue walls. White wainscoting. Whale motifs.  The art sparks conversation that for whale-watching, 2013 was a stellar year. 

Two rooms. Two fireplaces. Both in sync stylistically with the one we passed on the way in (see the previous post). Rough- hewn surfaces hearken back to a day when hand craftsmanship was valued. 

A solid vintage cabinet holds down the bold shiny newness of the stainless steel barbecue  to a visual level comfortable with the classic New England influenced architecture.  

Note the stone backsplash.  Not only does it protect the flame from ocean breezes complicating the cooking process- it completely cocoons this living space from neighbors. The arch prevents its visual weight from being too heavy handed a design feature. 

 The back garden is casual- with little houses set about for feathered friends.  

A classic lantern serves as a terrarium on the sideboard.  For textile interest- a bit of fisherman's net  drops in just the right amount of rugged.  

This is a very hard home to leave. Don't you love the humor of a mermaid doorstop holding the door open for visitors to come- and when we must, leave? 

Design note- there is nothing wrong with changing up the hardscape. The trick is to have the materials relate in some fashion. The higher the traffic, the sturdier the footing should be. Hence the mortared-solid main walkway; with larger stones set casually within  a miniature creeping ground cover- a softer look of a  less traversed side path.  

And so we close this chapter, leaving as we came, happy to have been invited. 

Until we meet again- thank you for all YOU do to make the world more beautiful. 


  1. Now there's a pairing I would not have guessed -- vintage wooden cabinetry with stainless steel grill. I can almost smell the food cookin' now! With a bit of ocean breeze filtering in. Delicious!

  2. What a beautiful home! Thanks for giving us a tour of this home and its gardens. I especially loved the driftwood with succulents in your previous post.

  3. WOW! How creative those owners are with their decor! I love have it seems they have brought much of the indoors into the house. There's succulents as well as reminders of the ocean.

    I can see why you hated to leave the house. Lovely!

    XO Trisha

  4. Truly a lovely and inviting living space. I do so envy the view they posess on a daily basis. Just drove the length of Pacific Coast Hwy today from Las Brisas Restaurant in Laguna, back up to my condo in Seal Beach. So restful. Apparently, restful, just like this garden home.

    Judy D
    Seal Beach

  5. Such a lovely home...I love the indoor-outdoor feel of it all....! And that's quite a Grill...WOW! I bet a lot of great meals have been cooked on that Grill. And shared in that lovely indoor-outdoor space. Thanks Lydia---this was such a treat.

  6. My dear Lydia,

    Thanks for the well-wishes. I'll gather them to my heart like a big bouquet of wildflowers.

    I LOVE these posts. I really feel that we can read the personalities of people, look into their souls, by how they surround themselves.

    These were precious peeps into creativity.




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