Monday, September 2, 2013

Dog Days ~ Stained Glass ~ Putting Discomfort to Good Use

Tahoe and Reno. In this house, they are living proof that it is not IF dogs ruled the world- ours DO.  

Southern California almost made it through summer without a major heat wave. Then last week- the heat and humidity- it was like waking up in Houston. So I could finish the main field of the stained glass project in air conditioned comfort, I broke off the shackles of civilized housekeeping.    

The  Dutch door window has rounded third base towards completion
We tiptoed the board set with carefully arranged glass shapes into the kitchen. One trip and weeks of labor would be scattered like leaves after a whirlwind.  A procession of stained glass paraphernalia  followed- extension cords, soldering iron and grinder are not all that covered every open space.

I am not one who tolerates clutter well- but I know that there is incentive to finish when one is not too comfortable.   Or as in this case- finding benchmarks to work around.

The garden view from my study

Until the Dutch door is actually installed, the window isn't really finished. However, the progress is at a point  where it  can rest. 

In the morning, the office phone will be turned back on.  For my work as a writer, the garden view from my study reminds me to not get too comfortable inside. Heat wave or not- this is a glorious place to work from.  

Until we meet again- Thank you for all YOU do to make the world more beautiful.


  1. Oh Lydia,

    The window is just gorgeous! I do hope this one will have a place of prominence! All the ones you have done are outstanding but I think this will be my favorite.

    Maybe there is something to us both being Capricorn because I absolutely cannot tolerate a mess either! However, when I know it's a means to an end I can endure it! :)

    I sure do like your chimes by the spa. I need to get some new ones.
    Anyway, just beautiful!!

    XO Trisha

  2. Your Stained Glass work is so very BEAUTIFUL!!
    I LOVE your two "Rulers Of The House"---they are just darling.
    This HEAT and HUMIDITY has been atrocious....! I've been finding it very very hard....

  3. How had I forgotten that you do stained glass?! The design is exquisite, Lydia.

    As for temperatures, it's about 78F inside, too, at home. But probably 70F at work. Outside in the asphalt jungle? Well into the 100s.

  4. Lydia, as you know, I just got back from Hawaii w/grandson. Got caught up on the entire blog that I'd not seen since the one on July 27.

    All of them are spectacular, but this view from your office window is just phenomenal and took me back to Kauai for a minute or so. I bet I wouldn't recognize your backyard since I was there for your mother's memorial. Both you and Gerry have done miraculous things! And again, I'm so looking forward to the comnpletion of your latest stained glass work of art!

    If you would ever move, I hope you'd be able to take the pieces along with the beautiful benches, too with you.

    Just a big thrill to see it all happen through the blog.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    from Seal Beach


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