Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Stained Glass Window ~ Refurbished, repurposed furniture ~ Thoughts on the Future

"Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? "

~Matthew 6:26 

Soldered. Puttied. Polished.  

As it rests on the patio table top, sunshine plays with the colors and textures of the hand selected glass. As the panel is intended to fit in the top of the Dutch door-  I'm going to be learning about bending brace bar so that the reinforcement is inconspicuous. 

In previous reincarnations, the redwood cabinet was stained the color of brick, then white before this creamy light green was selected as most complimentary of the surroundings.

The second refurbished  bench from one of our parents' gardens rests beneath my study window. It came from a viewing spot along a downhill trail of our garden hinterlands- there is no hurry to return it there. 

 The pale green cabinet was made by my father in 1960 to hold books and magazines in the family room when our parents relocated their 3 daughters from a postage sized lot on the west side of LA  to the roomier lots of unincorporated Whittier. When we closed up the family house 40 years later-  this location turned out to be the perfect size for cabinet. Repainted and topped with Mexican tile, the cabinet is now re- purposed to house the accouterments needed for California living- items like emergency water supply, spa chemicals and lawn games.  

The latest version of the quadcopter- remote controlled kitchen container, scrap wood, cheap plastic and electronics-  has large black  underpinnings- in my imagination -like one of Larry Ellison's racing yachts
 It has always been my deepest desire to live and garden here until my last breath at some impossibly old age. By the Grace of God we've been able to hold still- allowing us the privilege to be custodians of family mementos.

However- if there is one thing in life I've learned- we can guide life- outcomes are not guaranteed. 

Life is, by definition, uncertain. Whatever the future holds and wherever it takes me- may I find a way to replicate the same good cheer as the birds who inspired my newest window. 

Until we meet again - Thank You for all You do to make the world more beautiful. 


  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL window....! And I bet it is even more gorgeous with the light coming through....!
    Lovely that you have been able to integrate these wonderful family Heirlooms from a previous house and time....!

  2. And may your wishes come true, dear Lydia. I love how your home is layered in family lore, experience, and love.


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