Thursday, May 8, 2014

Charley Turns One ~ Theme Birthday Party ~ Part II

Wherever time flies, it definitely goes by jet plane. 

Our youngest son, Kenny, is one lucky man. I remember his toast at their engagement party, when he turned to his beloved and said "Shannon lights up every room she enters." Their daughter's first birthday party is a shiny example of how a person's special aura can be made real in the rooms they touch.

It was a sunny California day when Gerry and I pulled up to the house we know so well from the celebrations which were steps leading up to this day. This is where decorated fishing rods dangled about as props for Kenny's college graduation. Moroccan details for their engagement party. This time a child's first birthday party. Each event a study in how to levitate a gathering into an affair to remember .

As always, the front was spotless. Hot pink decorations signaling "this is the house." 

I remember this sign said something else at the baby shower.
Chalkboards hung as handy signage- which can be relettered for any occasion. 

An overscaled ruler, personalized with Charley's name was one of many decorations that shouted who was to be honored this day. 

A pinwheel snuggles with geraniums in a burlap covered pot  
The Morris clan is known for a self-service brand of hospitality. One where guests for a large gathering might be welcomed by a sign offering they are welcome them to walk right in. 

Organization ahead of time is key. Getting ready for a successful party of any size takes a ton of preparation. So the hosts can have as good a time as their guests, every detail is charted and checked.  Knowing whom is responsible for what, when and where saves allot of unnecessary stress.

 My daughter-in law, Shannon , her sisters and mother worked on decorations in spare moments since the start of the year. The husbands put in days of heavy lifting. 

Many of the decorations have been collected over time from other celebrations.Friends kicked in baubles. Stuffed animals in baskets multiplied  the country ambiance.

A framed picture of the birthday girl eating her first dessert made adult indulgences even sweeter.

The pinwheel fans work like long lasting flowers. Everywhere- their repetition in the decorations gave a consistent look throughout the party areas. Their homemade character keeping the tone of  what was a veritable feast down- home friendly. 

"Charley" was spelled everywhere. Reinforcing who was guest of honor.

The variety of food... 


More pink.... 

With a specific  party in mind, picking a color makes it easy to shop from home . 

Since Charley has been born: in our family, pink is the new black. 

There is more to come on how Shannon and family consistently pull off parties with all the polish of a magazine stylists working with event planners.

Thank you to Nikkipolani for taking on photographer duties for the day.  

Until we meet again- Thank YOU for all YOU do to make the world more beautiful. 

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nikkipolani said...

Shannon is certainly a party planner extraordinaire. Everything was absolutely seamless, no instructions necessary. Everyone flowed in feeling welcomed, especially the kids who saw plenty to do. Proof of Shannon's skill was in the lack of announcements :-)