Saturday, May 17, 2014

South Pasadena is Beautiful , Part 1

Gardens are the link between man and the divine. 

Walking Open Gardens is like strolling through heaven. 

2014 Garden Trend Report- People are providing for bees 
With this first glimpse of of a bee snuggling his muzzle deep into a frond of  'African Blue' basil- the sound, scent and sight put smiles on visitors to the first garden on the South Pasadena Open Garden Tour.   

Two trees and a hammock. A simple pleasure.
All good gardens start with a sense of place and people. 

Homeowners Wendy and Bob Darby, called upon Cornell University trained Landscape Architect Amy Nettleton, Principal of Elemental Landscapes , to create a serene escape from city life on their smallish lot, one with trees intensely knitted into the soil.

We value shade in Southern California. Even when the homeowners are not attached to their trees, mature specimens of certain species are frequently protected by the local government. Such is the case in South Pasadena

Rather than bemoan what deep shade and deep roots preclude the private landowner from installing, the canopy of leaves is celebrated as a place of comfort. A natural spot to lay the head down for a nap on a hot California afternoon. 

Posted in the shade of a heritage tree, a simple nesting box waits for residents 
Open spots, where sunlight floods the ground, vegetables and herbs are raised in organically tended beds, quenched by a drip watering system.

This is no mere fence. This is the South Pasadena is beautiful way of storage.  Built in the trinity of good design, it is solid, as beautiful as useful.   

Until we meet again, Thank YOU for all YOU do to make the world more beautiful.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

It ALL looks just Beautiful....LOVE that Bee doing his work....So pretty and so needed.

Lydia said...

Dear Naomi- So good to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words. I toured a dozen-plus gardens last month- and bees are definitely trending UP!

nikkipolani said...

I thought about all of your garden traipsing. Just too busy a time while our spring gardens have such a brief window this year. Feels like July already!

This looks like a lovely and thoughtful garden -- for the human and bee kind!

Lydia said...

Should be cooler tomorrow. It was quite exciting getting so many gardens in such a short window- Easter was so late that 3 weeks of gardens had to be seen in 2.