Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fleeting Moments

Flashes of unexpected color break through the woodland opening. Brightest yellow. So delicate. So temporary. So thoroughly enchanting. Gold finch are like happy children, perpetually in motion. Here. Then gone.
The Nyger (or niger) seed is black gold to finches. It fuels appetites and acrobatics. Their tiny beaks pick individual seeds out through the screen tacked over the holes on the feeder. This prevents the dark rye-shaped kernels from pouring out this station. To discourage larger birds from bullying these little darlings, the tall feeder is hung from a wire on shepherds hook. Then only the smallest acrobats can dance and dine their way in to the hearts of onlookers.

How I love the sound of this place. It is quiet, but not silent. We hear the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze. The cooing of dove on the lawn. The chattering of the goldfinch at the thistle feeder.

Don't just open your eyes. Open your ears. Love is abundant in the garden. Hearing it, you will feel it. Enjoy what is around you with all your senses, even if it is just for fleeting moments.


  1. I too love the little finches. I spend a fortune on their seed. When I go out in the back there are usually dozens of the birds. I use the "sock", it keeps the seeds aired out and dryer. A dozen birds can cling to the fabric and eat at once. Click here: Wildlife Accessories Large Nyjer Seed Sock at I have 5 of them. I heard from several sources that the nyjer seed growers are growing corn now for Ethanol fuel. Nyjer seed is already getting scarce. I noted that for several years my finches like to also eat the leaves on my artichoke plants... being a thistle and related to nyjer .. Now I have great big artichoke leaves that look like lace! I don't care, because the finches are so adorable.

    Thanks for the video. I must look out some of my finch photos.... Good job.


  2. Yes, they are adorable little birds. I like to go down and sit on the garden wall and watch them sitting on the raised sprinkler heads and drinking from them. So cute. Those hummers are sure thirsty/hungry little rascals. We have two feeders on one tree at different levels and about every other day they are both emptied!! What would they do without all the feeders everyone puts out? When I am sitting on the patio swing they buzz me then stick their beaks into the Aloe plant flowers sitting in pots. Cute to watch!
    Lydia, you did good on your video. You had a bit of trouble with your lighting but it gave us a different prospective every time you adjusted it. As for the noise in the background I had thought you were playing music! :):)XOT

  3. Thank you guys for writing! You teach me a lot.
    Turns out country of origin is not labeling requirement. As far as determined- imported seed must be sterilized- domestic doesn't.
    The purveyors of American-grown seed are missing an opportunity. A lot of people would pay a premium to use seed from the States over seeds from Myanmar.

    To convert a Nyger crop to fuel- current costs are projected to be $15 a gallon- so I'm hoping regular fuel does not become competetive to that.

    On the subject of alternative fuels. Wouldn't it be wiser to persue the gasses from dumps? We have trash, it can be recycled as fuel and won't drive up food costs by way of supply and demand.
    Take care-

  4. making fuel from garbage seems much more sensible than taking the food out of anyone's mouth, winged or not. the goldfinches were so sweet and cheery, I loved watching them.


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