Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rustle Up Roses and Steaks

A lot of red roses soak in the color like a towel. What appears to be regal coloration in the nursery, when you get home, may simply disappear in the landscape. Not so with this stunner. The 'Legends' Rose is luminescent. The effect is that of a silken scarf over a light shade. A floral beckoning to come hither.
Our dogs, Tahoe and Reno - demonstrate just how voluptuous an individual bloom is. Compare the ballroom-sized bloom to the dog and to the pink-edged rose in the same vase as Legends.

Waiting in Whittier at the Blue Hills Garden Center for a good home- is a trio of these lipstick-red bodacious blooming bushes. If you want one to have established in the garden before next year, you better be quick! This limited pre-release does a quick disappearing act when someone finds out a nursery has a couple. If these early specimens are gone when you arrive- special order and beat the rush when the official release starts next winter.
While you are there- sharing the parking lot is Orchard’s Fresh Foods. This family owned and operated market has excellent produce. But go there for the meat counter and experience being waited on by real butchers. Their prime Delmonico steaks just may be the best steaks sold at retail in California.
Delmonico steaks are bone-in, cut from the prime rib. Rev up the barbecue. Whip up the standard prepared horseradish with sour cream as a condiment. It’s a carnivore’s love potion.

Need a special cut of meat? Call ahead and have it ready when you get there.
Contact information for Blue Hills Garden Center can be found on their website at http//
Orchard's Fresh Foods 16426 E. Whittier Blvd. Whittier, Ca, 90603Phone: (562) 902- 1825

The gorgeous photo on the top right is by Gene Sasse. Used with permission.

A special thank you to Tom Carruth of Weeks Roses for spending the decade needed to create and bring this rose to market. How exhillerating to have seen your creation grace the cover of Oprah's O magazine in May!
More on the work of one of the most prolific rosarians in the world shortly.

Both these men deserve HUGE Thank yous for making the world more beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Roses and steaks...two of my favorite things! The "Legends" Rose is just extraordinary. It would look beautiful in my hair if I were to go with an Oscar de la Renta bridal gown!

You have perfect, well-behaved models. Tahoe and Reno are absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...


I too loved the rose and the dogs!! Of course steaks are so so in my book. Ever since I was a young girl I got bored eating steak. I think the one I truly do enjoy is a filet mignon with a good sauce over it. The original owner of De Antonio's here in DB told me the sauce for the best steak I have ever eaten (a filet there with a sauce)was her special brandy sauce! I have searched for a recipe like that ever since!

Couldn't help but notice the darling serving stands you had the pup's dishes on! Soooo pampered!!
Great stuff!!
I am glad you have enjoyed my comments because I believe if you enjoy something OR if something makes you angry or if you just have an opinion it's a good venting to write about it. I have used that practice for years. When I would be mad at John in our younger years and he would leave for work I would sit down with a big legal pad and write out all my feelings and frustrations! By the time he got home I had second thoughts about giving it to him because I was over it and had it out of my system. I guess it was a good tactic as we have lasted for 45 years now and three before that while dating.
Like you, I love to write but have never pursued it as you have. A great job you have done with it too!
XO Trisha

Lydia said...

Ling- a single red rose would show off your straight-forward beauty any day. I wish for you when you are married- that you will have a garden from which you can pluck a fresh rose to pin on your lapel every day.

Trisha- In the town where we live- you and John are legendary for living an epic honeymoon.
That is a great tip to give younger couples as they discover the frustrations that come with time- write it out. But don't stop there. Burn the anger and hurt. Don't store it. For goodness sake- think three times before sending strong emotion. A single unwise word can change the future every bit as much as one wise thought.
This is my advice to young women. Words have power. They are emotional ammunition. Once you shoot- you will hit a target- intended or not- you can't always take it back. Use your words wisely.