Friday, September 19, 2008

Bee Good

This week is the Garden Writers Association annual meeting. The host city this year is Portland, Oregon.
Its an amazing world we live in.
One morning I am in Southern California, having eggs and toast for breakfast with this bee that landed on my weeping hibiscus. Later, that same date, I am enjoying dinner in Portland with my niece, Anka, and her husband, Chet. They made sure I was not only well fed, but escorted me to two Powell's bookstores- including the home and garden storefront.
Not only is travel convenient. But communications- this none-too savvy computer user was able to figure out how to hook up to the Internet via a wireless connection all on my own.
So this is where I am, engaging with 600 people dedicated to making the world a little more beautiful. Some by creating plants, some by developing tools, and a lot of us observers sharing what we learn from them, either with a camera or words.


  1. hi Lydia, can't we say "a good time was had by all"?
    so glad you made it to Portland!

  2. ABSOLUTELY. Thank you for encouraging me to make it to the GREAT symposium. I'm really looking forward to the audios of the programs I did not make. EVERY session I attended had take away info- for my writing, my gardening- and it was FUN even above my high expectations.

  3. Hi Lydia-
    It was great seeing you again at GWA! Check out the group photo I posted of our table at the awards dinner on my blog!
    Shirley Bovshow

  4. Thank you for letting me know about the group shot on your blog! That was a great evening with some of my absolute favorite people.
    One of the highlights of the trip was when you gave life to Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive". You lit the place up and had us ALL dancing with that soulful voice. Tina Turner could not have done better.


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