Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Respect and Remember

“The Lady”
Author Unknown

I wonder what she thought,
As she stood there, strong and tall.
She couldn’t turn away,
She was forced to watch it all.

Did she long to offer comfort
As her country bled,
With her arm forever frozen
High above her head?

She could not shield her eyes.
She could not hide her face.
She just stared across the water
Keeping Freedom’s place.

The smell of smoke and terror,
Somehow reduced her size,
So small within the harbor
But still we recognized….

How dignified and beautiful,
On a day so many died.
I wonder what she thought,
And I know she must have cried.
Please remember to fly the flag on 9-11.
Thank you to John Forbing for the verse. Back when Diamond Bar was an infant city, he appointed me the first woman Parks and Recreation Commissioner here.
Thank you to photographer Gene Sasse for the image of the flag flying high in the breeze. God Bless You. And God Bless America

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Anonymous said...

Sept. 11th joined Dec. 7th for all time in America's history. Being a certain age, I was here in So. Cal for both. Have memories of the day Pearl Harbor was attacked...radios went off the air, nightime lights were extinguished for the duration. On Sept. 11th, the LA County Fair was closed for the day and reopened the next. Planes disappeared from our skies and there was a coming together of all of America's citizens. I wish it had lasted longer. One thing has remained constant, Lady Liberty in NY Harbor. May she stand for a very long time. Edda