Monday, September 29, 2008

Re-Thinking Roses

Take a break from Wall Street and Main Street and wander down this side street.
Let the plantings of the Portland Rose Gardens persuade you that beauty is in more than perfection.

Scroll through the pictures just as I strolled through the garden. Remember what is too often forgotten when we create garden spaces. Remember to not think too hard. Remember enjoyment can be its own reward. Remember that roses are not just formal specimens. They are best part of a beautiful landscape, alive in diversity.

Roses are sun-lovers- yet this most gorgeous garden is beautiful not just because it is sun drenched. It is beautiful for more than thousands of shades displayed on perfect blossoms. It is most remarkable because it is abundant in different scents, texture and surprise.

The rock-star of rosarians- Tom Carruth- heralded this heavenly collection of color and scent one of the most beautiful rose gardens in the world. It was definitely on my "bucket list"- of places to see before I "kick the bucket."

Remembering the garden- I have vowed to let go of the cares of the world. The world can take care of herself. I will focus my attention on my garden and the joy it brings.
I will not worry so much about convention and Latin and professional trends. If something is beautiful and the plants are happy- I am not going to worry about how "proper" the arrangement is.
There are no guarantees of rewards on the road to financial riches. We can work hard and get laid off. We can invest and the stock market might crash. We can save- and the banks can fail.
There are rewards guaranteed from seeing a garden. Of smelling a garden. Of walking through a garden. Of tending a garden. To have connected your being to your soul in in a garden is to know how love and truth are divinely married.

Tucked in one side of the garden is this verdant amphitheater. Can you imagine being at a concert here?

From the Portland Rose Test Garden website.
"Founded in 1917, Portland’s International Rose Test Garden is the oldest official, continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States. The International Rose Test Garden is also one of 24 official testing sites for the internationally respected All-America Rose Selection (AARS)."


The Rose Garden Store is open 7 days a week. Hours are the same for all days of the week.

Winter: 10:00 am PST - 4:00 pm PST
Closed January & February
Spring: 10:00 am PST - 6:00 pm PST Summer: 10:00 am PST - 8:00 pm PST
Fall: 10:00 am PST - 4:00 pm PST

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE that Amohitheatre. How wonderful to have thid spoecial Theatre in such a BEATIFUL Garden!
Love the Roses, too...Of Course!