Monday, December 22, 2008

Finding Blessings

B-rrrr. Gloria Whitley sent the photo from the Pacific Northwest. One thing about snow. Every one I know from a chilly climate is nice. Think it has to do with the blessing of so much time inside together.

Obviously, it was warmer in September when Anka Sepulveda and her husband Chet Wills met me for dinner in Portland.


While these families shovel snow, I will be putting into action an idea from the trip to Eugene with GWA: strawberries as a ground cover.

Even with vastly different climates- there are still garden ideas we can share. That is a blessing of travel. I plan to plug in a dozen little plants in the plantar next to the spa. Then this spring, I imagine sitting in the bubbling hot tub, reaching over to pluck strawberries and pop them into the mouth straight from the garden - that is luxury better than supplied by any resort.

Life is like a bed of roses. Full of beauty. But every voluptuous flower is held at the end of a thorny stem. The 2009 AARS Hybrid Tea winner "Pink Promise" fills the vase with blooms. A portion of the proceeds of every bush sold is being donated to support the work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Osh and Costco are among the retailers who now have them in stock. Every one you purchase is a blessing given and received.

This Irish blessing, I almost didn't open it. Sometimes I get impatient about downloads. But the Irish are poets- I had to make the time. It is about the truest little clip about the blessings we should ask for each other

More inspirational downloads can be found at
This Christmas, I wish your life to be overflowing with true blessings.


  1. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!
    Thank you for that wonderful Irish Blessing!
    May your Christmas be filled with the warmth of the season and may you be blessed with ALL Good things!

  2. Thank you. Today is baking. Watching the faces of loved ones when they see what I came up with this year is the best kind of warmth.


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