Thursday, December 18, 2008

Garden Blooming Blog Day- December

Dateline: Diamond Bar
USDA: Zone 10
Elevation: Estimated at 800 foot above sea level

I learned from Debra Prinzing that on or about the 15th of each month the plan is for garden bloggers to run around with a camera and document what is blooming.
If you live where it snows: you may eat your heart out- this has less calories than cookies.
Here's my first official contribution- limited by my pre-caffeine photo-shoot capabilities this morning.
The bougainvillea in top photograph was chosen for the chameleon changing of its tissue paper bracts in shades of peach and pink.

This pixie impatiens blooming in the window box outside my shed is replenished from cuttings.

Statice and "red" Valerian bloom in flushes nearly year round. If someone can ever explain why a plant with pink blossoms is called red- that description does drive me nuts.

Chartreuse shrimp plant is also easy to cultivate from cuttings and are long lasting in the vase.

The cooler night time temperatures have triggered the tangerines to turn orange.

The succulent sunburst Aenium 'Sunburst' are propagated from cuttings stuck in spots that are inhospitably hot in summer to most traditional flowering plants.

What would Christmas be without poinsettias?
The dew drops on the leaves of the burgundy plant are a giveaway to its placement in the side yard.

Author Debra Prinzing's blog shedstyle is a
regular stop on my blogosphere rounds.
Her post at is how I learned about Garden
Bloggers Bloom Day!
Not shown are the roses and Angel Trumpet- which look a bit beat-down from the past few days of serious rainfall.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hi, I have been lurking around for a while and found your GBBD post for December. The originator is Carol of May Dreams Garden. She does a Mr. Linky with all the participants. You might want to check out Blotanical, which is a garden bloggers network. Anyway, glad to see your post.


Anonymous said...

hi Lydia, bee-you-tee-full is all I can say about your gorgeous garden shots! I'm so glad you're going to play with GBBD...we'll do it together!
Have a lovely Christmas, by the way. 2009 is going to be a better year for us all,
with love, debra

Lydia said...

Welcome Aunt Debbi and Debra! GBBD is now scheduled "play date" for all of 2009. Merry Christmas!