Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coming Home

Home. One word. Four letters. My whole life.
Nothing is so sweet about travel as coming home.
Home to my husband.
To our forever puppies.

To the bounty of the summer garden.

Three days in Sedona and I feel that I have grown.
A short side trip to the artist colony of Jerome-

I have a better understanding of the world view of people living in circumstances far different than this suburb of Los Angeles. A renewed appreciation for my little plot on this earth.

The purchases brought home serve as reminders of what I learned.

The Southwestern inspired outfit Sherry sold me at the boutique “Made in Sedona” reminds me that there are still stores that sell clothing made in the USA.
How nice it is to have my own "style". One not found in every mall.

This lovely labradorite rock specimen. Totally impractical. But look at the spectral coloration- like peacock feathers crystallized and petrified. A type of feldspar, it crashed into the earth from outer space, bringing with it extraterrestrial lore that it can “stimulate mental acuity and to reduce anxiety and stress.”

The memento became a Father's Day gift to my husband. A token of love and respect. My thought is it will be for his office here in our home. But being a gift, it is his decision. Or it wouldn't be a gift.


Anonymous said...

I agree, coming home to wagging tails is the best part of going away! I love it that you took a picture of Sherry with her "made in the USA" clothes. Hurray for the Sherrys in the world.

As always, enjoyed!
xo Oregon Sue

Anonymous said...

The second I brought up your blog I noted that my face formed into a huge smile! Those pups are adorable and I can't get over the fact that they actually stood still long enough for you get get that photo! That's amazing!
I, too, love the fact that you took the photo of Sherry. Hope you can send your blog to her. Love those little boutique type clothing places. I found some to die for in Rosarito Beach, Mexico! Very expensive for Mexico but well worth it. I hope Sherry had some good bargains.
Love your rock gift for Ger. That was really special!
Thanks for sending!
XO Trisha

Lydia said...

Oregon Sue and Trisha- Thank you for writing in. I would say the clothes at Made in Sedona were moderatly priced- but with style.