Friday, July 24, 2009

Mommy's Little Helpers

Doesn't she look so innocent, my little Reno?

Doesn't Tahoe look like she just wants to be my best helper?

Last week, the hawks were posted in the large trees out back. To trust the large birds with my forever puppies would be foolhardy. " Dos compadres" were left in the house with their chew toys while I went out back to trim away in the garden.

"Mom" left the door to her study open.

Then they made a bad decision. They thought my computer was their chew toy.

At least, I think it was a bad decision on their part. They were quite happy when I came inside to check on them.

Yes, that is what a laptop keyboard looks like when two dogs who think they are part cat, use the office chair for a ladder to climb to the desktop . The look on my face when I saw the keys dumped on the desk like letters from a Scrabble board folded over- I told my husband that if he took my picture at that moment, " all I need is one woman on the jury". He valliantly held back the laughter and did not aim the lens at my face.

One week, two deadlines and $26.95 later- my husband installed a new keyboard.


Miss Jean said...

Oh, my goodness! Did you let them go out back to play with the hawks? Just kidding!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Jean, that would have been my question too!! Good idea! teehee

Oh Lydia! I would have smacked a couple of furry bottoms but good! Did you? I was sitting here looking at that keyboard and wondering how the heck they got those keys off! Better yet, WHY were they attracted to the keyboard? Maybe they are jealous of that thing because mommie spends too much time there and ignores them. Yea, that's it! :):)
It brought back memories of my twin toddlers who were supposed to be napping. Went into my bedroom and helped themselves to my nail polish, makeup, lipstick and painted the carpet, rugs and my beautiful hand made quilted comforter. Ohhhh I think that is the worse spanking they ever got and mommie even cried!

Well, good for Ger to fix it for you and at not a bad price either.

Hugs, Trisha

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My My My! That is Horrendous....I must say, my cat has absolutely no interest in my Computer or the table it sits on...Thank God!
They do look like little Innocents, don't they? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I agree you can't be mad at those adorable faces, and luckily it was only $26! Children. You just never know..... Glad it wasn't too traumatic. HUGS
Oregon Sue

Lydia said...

Neither dog 'fessed up. I suspect it was a mutual effort.
Since they weren't caught in the act, other than hear mom scream like a coyote- no point in giving the little bottoms a whack.

I'm just glad they didn't choke on the keys- then I would have to feel guilty about having left that door open.

Anonymous said...

These two innocents should have been served for dinner in hot dog buns. Surely that entered your mind.,.,I would have fed them the keys after I finished rolling on the floor in hysterics at their mischief. Not good, Lydia - not good. Training in order. Lolly

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I still can't get over how they destroyed your! I know it is not funny, but they both do look so very inncocent, one wonders what it is that comes over them...! I guess it is just being dogs...!

SarahW said...

In a way it's bit funny.. some time pets do things out of this world. Share your thoughts with the moms in the bizymoms Diamond-bar community.

Lydia said...

Welcome Aboard Sarah! It was definitely a Kodak moment...