Friday, November 6, 2009


On November 8th, 1975, my last name changed from Lent to Plunk.
It was the year of the crock pot: we were gifted with five.
We forgot to tell the minister that we changed the time. Fortunately he read the program and arranged for a stand in. It was the Reverend Randall Foos' first wedding and he did a great job.

What has 34 years of married life taught me?

Commitment pays dividends better than anything the bank has to offer.

The two most motivating words are “Thank you.”

I have learned that anyone can make it through the good times. The team player who will stand by your side through sickness, hardship and loss: you can’t force another person to be that for you- but you can insist on being that for them.

The most important person in a marriage isn’t who you see in the mirror- it is one’s spouse.

Good will is an invaluable commodity not to be taken for granted in the most intimate human bond.

Because the future is unpredictable is no excuse to drift through it. It is important to have goals with an action plan.

Whatever life brings, it is useful.

The best advice is to seek God’s guidance and strength.

Hope begets optimism which multiplies happiness. Try to be happy- it is much more rewarding than being right.

The only thought as valuable as love is respect. Lose one and the other leaves. Both are easier to keep than to earn back.

Love is a living emotion. It changes so much over the years it isn’t always easy to recognize, but it is eternal.

Every day- laugh, learn, create- ever thankful for blessings great and small.


  1. Oh Lydia,
    I LOVED seeing those photos! I have never met your mother but she was a beautiful lady! What a pretty bride you made! Brings back such memories of my own wedding nearly 47 yrs ago.
    I love your guide to a happy marriage. Once I picked up Dr. Laura's book "The Care and Feeding of Husbands" and after the first chapter I realized that I could have written the book myself and didn't need to read any further.
    You should send your post to Dr. Laura. She would certainly appreciate it.
    Not long ago someone asked John and me what was the secret of such a long and successful marriage. His response to my surprise was "Her understanding". Wow! I didn't know that. My response was "His love and generosity". We learned something new about each other after all these years.

    Hugs to you both and may you have many more years together!

    XO Trisha

  2. Thank you Trisha.

    I own a copy of "The Care and Feeding of Husbands"- in my twenties I would have not understood- but by my forties I understand how much grief such wisdom could have saved me.

    May you and John delight in new surprises for another 47 years.

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL bride! L, you were perfect. I'll have to find my picture, taken in June 1975. Your marriage guide is so well thought out. "Thank you" is one of the most important points. Give often, love constantly, earn and show respect, and cook good!!! :O) Worked for me!
    Oregon Sue

  4. You said a lot of great things Lydia..Wondergul advice!
    And you were a BEAUTIFUL Bride, my dear!


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