Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If Only

"If only I can pull over fast enough, I can take a shot of the spun sugar clouds and pink icing snow dripping down the mountaintop. "
In less than two minutes the view of Mt Baldy faded from breathtaking to whatever.
That opportunity was gone. But I turned around and saw the sky on fire.
The sky wasn't the same- but it was just as breathtaking.

Tonight the family comes in to honor the niece who flew in from Portland. Not the best time for the dishwasher to fail. But it did. To spend a moment in disappointment is a waste of time.

A day and a half of research and one day of shopping, the new dishwasher is ordered. It will be here in January, too late for the massive cleaning needed for Plan A dinner.

So then menu was pulled out and a Plan B puts me on the road this afternoon to pick up what will be made for, more than made, by me

Waldorf salad from Albertson's

Pasta Sardinia tossed with toasted pine nuts, mozzarella shreds and shaved Pecorino Parmesan cheese (already on hand from Claro's ItalianMarket).

Flame Roasted Artichoke platter from Lucille's BBQ Restaurant

Smoked Turkey- Orchard's Fresh Market will pop the fresh bird they were holding for us in their smoker.

Baklava from Claro's

Fudge and English Toffee (already made)

Rocky Road and Pralines and Cream Ice Cream from Baskin- Robbins.

One pot. One skillet. A little bit of driving. I suspect no one is going to miss that I did not spend 2 days running between the market, the kitchen and our smoker. The food will be abundant and good. The family will all be here. I might even clear the china and crystal off the table and switch to paper plates.

In the coming year, promise yourself to spend less time on "If only." That little phrase is debilitating. It will keep you from appreciating what, "What is."

Upper photo- Diamond Bar Blvd at Grand, unretouched.

Lower photo- Danny does some sidewalk advertising for Orchard's Fresh on the Blvd in Whittier before Christmas.


  1. Great photo of the sunset! I am drooling over the meal you were gathering together. You are right about the "If only"s. Being positive is best.
    Happy New Year Sisterfriend!
    Oregon Sue

  2. Lydia,

    Beeeeeutiful photo! Looks like another fire was blazing! Hope it was just the sunset!

    Your menu sounds scrumptious!
    Hope you have a wonderful time with the family! Don't work too hard!


    XOXO Hugs, Trisha


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