Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Bed as Alter of Life

" As a sleeping place sought out night after night, which also serves as a place for lovemaking and dying, in which people are conceived and born, to which they retire when ill, and where quite often draw their last breath, bed takes a position of almost inconceivable importance in human life." -Stefan Bollman

The bedroom is where we experience our most intimate moments. Here, technology is pretty much banned from the sacred space. Nothing to distract from the serenity. No television. No computer. Until our children were old enough to drive, there wasn't even a phone.
What is there is the space where I am most myself. Where I wake to say thank you to God for granting me another day. Where I hold and am held by the man who is my husband and best friend. Where I read until late at night and wrestle with our puppies. Where I have shed honest tears and asked God, "Why?" And when I am very still, I hear His answers. "Have courage... Have patience... Don't worry, this will pass... "
In the dark of night, peace comes in a beautiful space. If you have only one room to call authentically beautiful, let it be where you start and end your days. In your bedroom.

Photo by Gene Sasse. Used with permission. Taken at Garden Valley Ranch in Petaluma. CA.

Quote from Women Who Read Are Dangerous.


  1. Lydia,

    What a lovely post. I feel the same as you about my bedroom. It is our retreat. What I was also thinking as I read your post is that I am so glad we recently invested in our Temperpedic mattress and pillows. We did have a minute's pause about spending such a huge amount on it but then I convinced hubby that a good mattress was probably the one most important item in the house. That good night's sleep and rest is so important to one's well being and health for the next day to come.

    I love the title of that book! I am a chain-reading lady!!

    Hugs, Trisha

  2. Lovely thoughts. I need to make my bedroom more of a peaceful sanctuary. I want to make it feminine. Very feminine. Another project. Thanks for reminding me.
    xo Oregon Sue

  3. Beautifully said, Lydia...! I'm afraid my bedroom is my everything room--including Computer, TV, Phone, etc.,etc It's the way I need it to be and that is very important to each person....
    I find it the most important room in the house a great deal of the time---more now than ever.


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