Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Week of Reflection

This was a week of reflection. My mother in law is home with us recovering from serious illness.

An assignment I wanted went to someone else. Rejection is as reliable a companion to a writer as rain is to clouds. To be a writer you learn to deal with it. As dead plants become compost upon which the garden becomes greater for, rejection is something a writer uses to cultivate ever better results.

But this one hurt. As a writer, I am supposed to put all the emotion out there for everyone else to share in the pain. But to myself this course is not true.

Bottom line. I wish everyone on the project that rejected me God Speed. My disappointment is my own. Those dearest to me understand what and why. And to everyone else I would like to introduce a lost art. Discretion.

There is more healing value in the sunset reflected in the snow on the peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains than blathering blabbing.

It is more uplifting to be carried away on the wings of a Monarch found sunbathing on nearly bare rose branches.

More triumph at the sight of a gladiolus which weaved its tender stalk through a thorny thicket.

More delight in the discovery that this daylily- the color matches the sunset sky in the top image.

I have moved on. A new deadline stands ready to leap over tomorrow. New horticultural treasures to give a home in my Diamond Bar garden.
Contrary to what one might think given the shrinking number of garden-related titles found in bookstores and on TV- garden writing isn't dead. It has moved. Some of the best is on the Internet. Often on the by-way we call blogs. My goal is to soon post a reading list. But one is so GOOD I didn't want to wait.
Santa Barbara garden expert and writer Joan Bolton is one of the BEST. Her advice is full of pioneer spirit. Her writing is straightforward, accurate and cheerfully delivered.
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  1. Ahhhhh.... you are breathing easier now. The pictures and your comments are lovely. Strength in moving on....
    xo Oregon Sue

  2. Ahhh yes, Oregon Sue is correct. How peaceful were those photos. They made me relax as I was sitting here.
    My friend, it has always been said when one door closes another opens. Maybe it will be an even bigger doorway! :):)
    I really don't believe this was personal but just a business decision.
    Yes, move on and be thankful, as I know you are, for all God's blessings. That comes through in your writing.

    Hugs, Trisha

  3. Thank you Oregon Sue and Trish.

    The older I get, the bigger the door needs to be ):

    Trish- the business decision was largely personal in nature or the people who made that decision (poor you for knowing the backstory) are stupid. They aren't.

    I cannot change their actions. Only mine. I already have.

  4. Thanks, Lydia, for such a warm welcome to the blogging world. I'm just getting started -- I kicked off my blog last month by posting my New Year's resolutions for a green(er) garden -- and I'm already having a blast. It's great to join such a wonderful online community.

  5. Joan- We are so lucky as readers to have your words to guide us.


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