Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Blooming Blog Day (s) May, 2011

Welcome! From Gerry,  Tahoe and Reno

Show. Don't Tell. That is the writer's Mantra.  I will try to keep my fingers quiet. Let the colors of the May garden sing for themselves.

"All I can say about life is, 'Oh God, enjoy it!'  Bob Newhart

Gerry's new camera plopped on a tripod captured him enjoying a blue-skied romp in the garden with "our girls. "

Texture and pattern are not just considerations of clothing. Take away the dappling of lacy leaves overhead and the character of our garden would change into something not of my hand. 

Three decades of gardening have changed this scene. The only thing in the picture that existed then is the wrought iron fence ( a metal shop project at Walnut High where the former owner-husband taught shop) and one of the roses. It is not a particular favorite. It blooms just long enough and tall enough to not be replaced. Yet.  

The lipstick color rose is 'Cinco de Mayo'. Red - violet really- Valerian and Feverfew pop through the rose arms.  Two weeks ago I thought she shouted. Now that there is a chorus of flowers flowing through her arms, her moody-color grounds the scene.

Unlike many suburban lots, our shortest view out back is sideways . As seen from our old lab's former ' runway.' 

This view back from the formerly naked fence- The purple clematis 'Jackmani' winds round the bird- topped tutierre.

Another amaryllis glows in its afterlife. Its first life was a single season as a forced bulb. When that season ended, it simply was placed in what seemed like an empty spot. 

There is so much to show this month. Forgive me for not rushing.  This month I will let the garden unveil over the week so visitors may savor why I do not bother to become un-obsessed.

To really enjoy the garden, please come by for the next few days. Tell me what you see- or what you don't, but would like to.


  1. What a pretty show this month. Happy GBBD.

  2. Wow wow wow. Look at your clem! Your piece of paradise is glowing with color, Lydia.

  3. Just perfectly lovely!

    Gerry and Reno and Tahoe ... a great photo!


  4. Good morning, visitors. Maybe May should be when we think "New Year"

    NOT quite sure why this and the last post flipped position. Maybe the Friday the 13th gremlins aren't quite finished with us yet):-

  5. Beautiful, Lydia!
    As always your garden is a delight. This time of year even more so! Even our Jackson-Perkins rose hedge is blooming with pretty pink roses right now.

    Cute photos of Ger and the girls!

    XO Trisha

  6. SUCH a beautiful garden! delightful!

  7. Your gardens look very inviting! L


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