Sunday, May 1, 2011

God Bless The USA

The US has the body. Usama bin Laden resides with Hitler. 

He has been our enemy  since the first failed attempt on the World Trade Center. My husband was at meetings in NYC the day before. Gerry was also in the city on the failed attempt- which we recall was stopped only because the would-be bomber got lost and made a cell phone call- which was intercepted. 

September 11.2001- Gerry was home. I remember everything about that day. Including calling my mother- at the height of her dementia, she translated the story to the caretakers that Gerry had been taken hostage and escaped.):-  

We are coming up on the anniversary of my mother's death. Tonight I wished I could call her. The mind is a wondrous thing; as her body failed, her mind came back. If we could have talked tonight - the former Navy Wave would be pleased that the nation stayed the course in eradicating the evil that, by any spelling Osama/Usama was.

I am cautious about the days ahead. This is an important benchmark. It is, however, not the end of an era. Others who wreck terror still operate against us. In the months and days ahead, may God bless this nation and watch especially over those who serve us in the military.  

Image by Gene Sasse. Used with permission


  1. Lydia,

    Lovely thoughts on this very jubilant night. It is nice to have a celebration for this good thing that has happened before we move on to see what will transpire "over there" because of this.

    I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of your mom telling a caregiver that story about Gerry. You have to admit it was humerous.
    Now, I wish I could also call my mother tonight but for close to the same reason as you, I can't.
    It is so sad for me. So close yet so far.

    God Bless America. To continue what President GW Bush said standing on the rubble, the whole world heard us tonight!!

    XO Trisha

  2. Hi Trisha! Too much adrenaline to get any sleep.

    It was funny thinking about when mom's wires got crossed- the stories she could weave. Particularly because she returned to a point where she could accurately share thoughts with accuracy. To watch her climb out of the mental abyss is rare. But doable by the Grace of God.

    Hugs to you.


  3. Finally...almost ten year since 9/11...What a day. None of us knows what it will really mean in terms of our future safety, but it is really satisfying in this moment, to know Osama is Dead! No, it doesn't bring back all those who perished that day---and in subsequent days and years, (The First Responders, etc.)...But, it is, as I said, satisfying on some level.

  4. Dear OOLOH- Satisfying. That is a good word. We cannot dispense God's perfect judgement.

    But yesterday was as close as it comes in this life.

  5. This is a good day and God Bless the Navy Seals for never giving up. I am so proud of them and all who contributed to Osama's demise. We can all be jubilent in reading of his death, as most deaths are not cause for celebration, his certainly is! Cheers!


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