Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - Truce be With Us

Is America on the right course? The easy answer is no. But as an airplane flies from coast to coast, adjusting to winds and storms along the way- She always has. So, Yes.

Memorial Day has changed since its inception as Decoration Day. It now fills a role as a family day of national and spiritual importance. To honor the fallen, this should be a day in which the game of Truth or Politics is suspended.

I came of age in the era known by the name of a far-away jungle covered country. Vietnam. Click on  Memorial Day to experience a suburban California ust before modern malls were born. Read the subtext and understand- in a land of so much abundance- it is easy to take much for granted.

Memorial Day Rose 2004 AARS Winner
  I believe there is a rose for every reason. Including Memorial Day.

Kevin Bacon as Lieutenant Colonel Strobl- His finest performance.
Taking Chance (2009) is the perfect movie to watch on Memorial Day.  Kevin Bacon's  nuanced reflection is of  the real-life soldier  lacking combat experience. His journey with the intensity of personal sacrifice begins when he volunteers to escort the body of a 19 year old soldier home to Dubois, Wyoming after his soul fled to his eternal home on the fields of Iraq. This movie is guaranteed to draw tears. If it doesn't: you don't need a cardiologist,  for you have no heart.

Greater Roadrunner Geococcyx californianus
Yesterday-this little darling did not hold still long enough for me to grab his photo. In split seconds, he blurred from next to where I was grooming the garden, under my and my husband's cars, leaped up the side hill before crossing the archway and disappearing across our the rooftop. 

Two observations on roadrunners.

One. The bird is faster than a speeding Olympian. The Time-Warner communication service by that name is  only arguably so. Some days more than others.

Two. Where there are roadrunners, there are snakes. 

May Your Memorial Day be Blessed and May He From Whom All blessings flow continue to bless the United States of America.

Headstone and Memorial Day Rose images by Gene Sasse.

Roadrunner image found on Wikipedia


  1. 'Taking Chance', an EXCELLENT movie! Keep tissues handy.

    Love Roadrunners. Comical. Love critters that make me laugh.

    Too bad Memorial Day doesn't hold enough spiritual importance! Has become more of a 'vacation day' or barbecue day.

    I will enjoy the ceremony today in Grants Pass at Riverside Park.... flag unfurling on the bridge, 21 gun salute, F-15 flyover. God Bless our military! xo

  2. Lydia,

    I so agree about Taking Chance. That was such a moving story and an excellent movie!

    May you have a day of reflection and gratitude and a happy day with family.

    This video is guarenteed to bring the tears because of the subject matter and the fabulous voices singing it.

    Hugs, Trisha

  3. Beautiful thoughts on a "remembering" day. Thinking of the ceremonies taking place at the Springfield, Mo., National Cemetery where my Korean War Combat Veteran husband rests. It has quite a history and those who served in our Civil War are divided yet...the Blue in one section, the gray in another. Several from the Revolutionary War, which was a surprise to me.

    Love the roadrunner that visited you. Occasionally have them pay us a visit as well. I always think of the cartoons featuring the Coyote and Roadrunner. They do move at light speed. :)

    As always this day and every day my thoughts are with those in the military who keep us free.


  4. "Have you ever been to Arlington? Where tombstones stand ROW UPON ROW - Great soldiers turned to granite ghosts - harboring invincible souls. Their sacrifice of -----"

    I hope everyone that reads this will go on their browser and paste in this url below! They will not be sorry! This is sure to become a patriotic music video classic.

    Judy in Seal Beach

  5. Sue- What a wonderful town you live in- even if people are starting to rust from so much rain.

    Trisha- Thank you for the well wishes. The music gave me the same goosebumps I've felt at places like Arlington and the USS Arizona war memorial. Our US flag first flew there.

    Edda- Beep! Beep! I am honored. I know you don't "do" this sort of thing often. Love the stories when you pop up.

    Judy- The music is breathtaking.
    Thank you for asking- I've been to Arlington twice. Hallowed ground it is.

    Blessings to all.

  6. Lovely Lovely Post, Lydia. I left a long comment on the Diamond Bar Post page, my dear....
    That Rose is GORGEOUS! And that darling RoadRnner is prety adorable, too! WONDERFUL Picture, my dear Lydia.

    I LOVED "TAKING CHANCE". Such a moving and meaningful film---and it is a "classic", and hopefully will become a yearly tradition on Memorial Day. You are so right---it is the perfect film for this special day!

  7. Dear OOLH- Thank you for coming by both posts. I am honored.


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