Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eating in the Garden. Observations

'Cinco de Mayo' Rose in semi-siesta state from weekend heat

"Observe how all things are continually being born of change; teach yourself to see that Nature's highest happiness lies in changing the things that are, and forming new things after their kind. "                                                                         
-Marcus Aurelius

We need a "Bunny Crossing" sign before the walk is extended to the gate
Peer closely at the edge of where the stone path ends at the lawn. There are two bunny rabbits using the brick edging as their track. The cottontails are so tame, I am considering setting up a lawn chair and see if they won't come eat a carrot out of my hand.

If bunny buck teeth mistook a finger for food, it couldn't be any worse than when the horse bit me when I offered it a carrot.  The hardest part of that was waiting for the doctor to stop laughing long enough to order the tetanus shot.

Bunny checking out what is on our plates

The bunnies aren't the only ones eating in the garden, so are we.

July 26, Nikkipolani posted the most seductive recipe with photos for  French toast baked in honey-pecan sauce. Reading her directions, I just knew chunks of fresh dieced peaches packed in with the sourdough bread just before baking was just the ticket. 

Served upside down-cake style, the only thing I would do differently next time is splash a jigger of rum into the brown sugar, honey and syrup  mixture. I would bring this all to a boil before adding to the pan. The texture and flavor would be worthy of canonization into  the recipe hall of fame.  

Presented with sausage patties and eggs over medium, this was a good brunch to set Sunday aside from the rest of the week.

My husband's change in travel plans meant we had the whole weekend together. Daytime he continued to work on the wine cabinet while I played with my stained glass. 

 When we dine, unless we have not dog-loving company, we let our puppies play on the patio. Should they start to wander off, our antennae go up and we gather them back to relative safety of under our table.

Scabbers- Harry Potter's Rat
My Reno was very interested in the barbecue. A tail, not unlike the one on Harry Potter's Scabbers flashed by. Uh-oh.

My hero, not wanting a rat to either bite the dogs or set up home in his Airstream trailer- like stainless steel barbecue vaulted over me to shake out the reservationless  rodent. Who promptly leaped at then under me.

When I stopped screaming, what words did my beloved calm me with....

"Boy, I wish I had a camera for that."


  1. Lydia,

    First, that photo of the french toast, my favorite type eggs and sausage was a cruel thing to do to gal who is on NS!! Oh man! Did all that look divine!! Yup, I agree about the splash of rum. That would be super yummy!
    Please send recipe to us dd gals. Love your bunnies and LOL at the rat being so rude as to interfere with that scrumptious brunch!
    Yes, I'll bet Ger was amused at your reaction but then I think all us gals would have reacted the same way!
    By the way, did he get it?
    XO Trisha

  2. Hey, Trish! Click on the recipe name and it will take you straight to the recipe.

    Did he get the rat? No- but his wife is working on it.

    Oh, the joys of hillside living.

  3. Oh L, I'm sorry, but I'm laughing! Not only at the mental vision of your reaction to Mr. Rat, but to Gerry's comment! Yes, a camera would have been the thing to have! Poor baby.

    Yes, yes yes... recipe please! YUMMMMMMM...

  4. Hi, Sue. Click on the words that are underlined- will link you directly to the recipe.

    Don't be sorry about laughing. If the rat hadn't tried to hurdle through me- as long as no one was hurt- it would have made quite the viral video.

  5. Your brunch looks yummy.
    Cute rabbits, use a really long carrot just in case. :-)

  6. Rats or rodents would have me screaming, too. My girls wanted them as pets when they were small but I just couldn't give them the okay. A hampster was as close as we got. Your brunch sounds scrumptous!

  7. I would scream like crazy if a rat ran by me, too!

    That French toast looks luscious. It sounds like you had a great weekend in the garden.

  8. I would have to work for a week to work off all those calories!!

  9. Nothing better than eating in the garden ♥

  10. Hey, that addition of peach sounds really terrific! I served it on the patio, too, and I think it tastes better outside :-)


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