Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Floral Arrangement

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers."
~Claude Monet

I loved the pumpkin planted with roses, spires of Mexican sage and an asymmetrical conifer collar. Staged on a bronzed mirror- it was the centerpiece that 3 years later still enchants my memory of what a wonderful time was had at the 2008 Garden Writers Association Awards Banquet.

'Hot cocoa roses' image by Gene Sasse
  As Monet believed flowers uplifted his senses as an artist, it is also true that gardening offers the opportunity to romanticize dining at home. I am loving the idea of replicating the centerpiece by setting a water-filled jar in the center of a hollowed out pumpkin, then arranging hot cocoa roses, Mexican Sage and perhaps leaves of scented geranium. The lacier leaf of a citronella variety was my first thought for greenery.

On the patio, the citronella scented variety silently shoos away unwanted flying critters  away from the evening's courses.  However- men like variety, and changing the setting might prompt a more romantic response from my husband ):-  In autumn, there will be a few evenings where it will be preferable to move some furniture, turn on some Frank Sinatra classics and set the table square with glowing embers in the fireplace.  Maybe the puppies will even spend the night at a pet hotel... 

Garden Harvest Supply Catalog image

In this setting- the rich tones of Chocolate Mint Geranium are better suited to stage a seriously romantic dinner. If shopping local for this horticultural gem isn't fruitful- - go to  Garden Harvest Supply.  My plant stared as a 4' Slip. It now regularly comes in the house- either in flower arrangements or with the leaves set as a ruffled doily beneath a cake.


  1. What a cute flower arrangement. I'm so ready for Fall!

  2. Fall! I'm definitely not ready for fall. My tomatoes haven't even ripened yet!!

  3. I am so ready for fall!! My flowers will start looking better in the fall!

  4. I love the pumpkin arrangement! I'm not very creative when it comes to flower arranging, but I do enjoy trying to copy ideas I see. Chocolate mint geranium sounds heavenly.

  5. Hey, Judy- The best reason to love summer is it is the lead up to Autumn.

    Nikki- No tomatoes yet? Oh, dear. I plant different varieties in different locations. The yeild per day is off- but I've had a steady crop of just enough to keep serving, starting with the mini's that arrived just before the 4th of July.

    Susan- 3 cheers for autumn

    Rose- What a great name to be blessed with. Copy-cat away on the arrangement.

  6. Lydia,

    Oh dear! Our tomato crop was a bust two years in a row! Last year we did the upside down tomato plants which were no good and this year we went to Las Vegas for a couple of days and when we returned the plants were totally dead! Drwat! No salsa from our garden this year!

    I always love the romance part of your blogs. However, it isn't romantic to me to have to slave away in the kitchen. So much better at a nice restaurant with no muss no fuss, great conversation and ME in a good and relaxed mood!:):)

    Hugs, Trisha


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