Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sense of Place - Dogs and Roses

"All Americans need a sense of place. That's what makes our physical surroundings worth caring about. '
~Ed McMahon

Our house would not be our home without our dogs and our roses. 

 Please meet our two very spoiled pooches. Tahoe and Reno. 

My husband custom designed the the Mahogany servers with handles, crystal knobs and feet. The bowls are Portmeirion. Making these for our little darlings got my husband major romance points.

Tahoe is hiding behind  the rose crafted to honor Oprah-  Writing the story behind the creation of the crimson beauty  that is the 'The Legends Rose' was my first collaboration with photographer Gene Sasse.  on

What gives your home its sense of place?


  1. Lydia,

    I immediately got a huge smile on my face when I saw Reno and Tahoe with their very fancy eating stations. Ger certainly did good with those!
    That is such a good question about what makes our houses a home. That is a no brainer for me. My Kevin, Debbie and Delilah just now left. They came for dinner and a visit and also to pick up the very beautiful center piece stands that were used for their wedding reception.

    Our house is a home because of all the love within these walls. First and foremost the love from us all for my hubby and the father of our four sons. He is numero uno with us all. When my children are here and our grand dogs, life is nearly complete. Now if only we had real grand babies then it would be complete!
    Of course there is always the sadness that my mother is not with us but that can't be helped. I feel very blessed.
    Thank you for the question. It is a good one.

    Hugs to you four!
    XOX Trisha

  2. The joy and the sadness contained inside the walls of my home, make it mine. There is no apathy. There is always hope. My Maggie and Harley love me without question, as I do them. They are my reason to get up and out of bed in the morning. "Things" are just things, and only hold importance because of the memories they bring into your head.

  3. Lydia,

    That has to be one of the silliest, sweetest and funniest photos ever!

    Silly, because who would think to create not only those lovely stands, but adorn them with roses...

    Sweet, because your husband thought to make them for you...

    And funny, well that's perfectly obvious!

  4. How nice to check in to find all these NICE comments.

    Sue- Such wisdom.

    Joan- You verified that readers left this post with smiles. Thank you.


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