Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hanging Out With Hummingbirds and More

  A Hummingbird hanging out on top of the weeping rose. Why I wanted a better camera. To better share with you the wonder of where we live. 

This is the valley the hummer views as its territory. See why we hillside dwellers love living with a view. For all the extra work: there is simply nothing grander than borrowed views clothed in all the glorious greens. Green is not a color. It is a universe of its own. 

One that isn't just the thousand shades of leaves and blades. There are the seasonal spikes of leaves blazing yellow, orange or red just before they flutter from the limbs to ground; to dry and nourish the tree from which they fell.  

The scenery never steals the beauty of single flowers. The orchid buds are just beginning to poke their necks from the mop of leaves. But roses here are never out of bloom.  Not completely.

Modern. English. I love them all.  How abundantly they flourish this coming spring is largely determined by how intensely they are prepared over the next 3 weeks. With warmer than usual weather, I am in a race with breaking buds.

January sunsets are the best.  Their early entrance in the day is God's favor to help slow us down. Keep gardener's from premature bent over posture):-

Time to turn  in. My old point and shoot camera has its uses. But it could NEVER have taken the man in the moon's portrait. Not with the detail that suggests he's a bit sleepy. Ready for a nap.

 As much as we love our chihuahuas, sometimes it is nice to not spend our evenings as their personal heating pads. Which is how Tahoe came to have her own personal  heating blanket.  We simply let her have mine.  Night-night. 

Just as soon as I have linked over to see what is happening on Show and Tell at My Romantic Home.


Oregon Sue said...

Oh L, I am so happy you got the camera! What adventures you will have now. I do, every day, even if it's something so simple in my yard. YIPPEEEE! Go girl. xo

Anonymous said...

What type of camera is it again, Lydia? I just love my Cannon 4X Optical Zoom 7.7. Got it about years ago from being in a drug study and it's the bomb. Even takes videos, too and boy the zoom can really go in really far. Don't have to be a professional to operate that camera.

Glad it has given Gerry something to keep him busy and entertained and so productive during his recuperation. Tell him I said I appreciate his eye and keep it up as I'm enjoying the pics.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, typing too fast again. Meant to say, 'about 3 years ago.'

Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia,

What beautiful sharp photos! John has a big ol wazoo Canon with the big zoom lens and all the attachments but I love my little digital that fits so nicely in my purse. My photos are pretty pathetic at times but I do love it anyway. Is yours small enough for your purse? I have no idea about cameras. That's pretty funny when it's my camera that takes most of the photos for The Windmill Magazine. lol I guess it does ok for up close and personal but for distances....yuk!

Good luck with yours and hope you and Ger really enjoy it! I know WE will when you post your wonderful photos on your blog!


Lydia said...

The camera is a Canon EOS t3i. I wouldn't put it with lenses in purse. It gets its own ride.

I do credit the camera with encouraging healing. Maybe it is coincidental- but healing isn't always logical. It takes a dash of magic to speed things up.

nikkipolani said...

Hurray for Lydia's new camera! As for purses and cameras, I buy my purposes for how well my camera and lens fit inside ;-) Priorities.

Lydia said...

Dear Nikki- Next time I shop for a purse, the camera is definitely tagging along):-

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful pictures, dear Lydia....I will have to check that Camera out...!

And thank you for your kind and caring words about Sweetie...Such a dear little spirit...!