Saturday, January 14, 2012

When the Heart says "Go" but the Brain says "No"

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Do you ever get a good laugh out of what lands in your E-mail in-box? For instance, do you chuckle at offers of pole dancing lessons? In my case, sliding down a pole would be easy- but getting me back up? Someone might have a camera phone- my dignity could be lost forever over the Internet. 

But this one tops them all. Groupon sends me a deal of the day. It is  JetLev's offer to strap water-powered jet pack and put a GoPro helmet-mounted video helmet over my head: that part of the body God designated to hold my brain. 

My heart wants to do it. I am tempted. But in the battle between heart and brain, life has taught it is better to let the brain win. I am, after all,  a woman who broke her arm pruning roses. I should NOT do this, if for no other reason than respect for The Lord who made her.

Personal decisions such as this do not mean I begrudge someone else making a different decision. (Although, I hope our sons miss reading this and go hit the "buy" button.)  If  they did, though, I should want to see the video and imagine the great rush of life they felt. Their appreciation for life lived full on is something that makes me both cringe and  love them as much as any mother loved any child.

Any day loved ones are full of joy, I believe should be commemorated. It is my observation that when we have lost family or friends,  while grief is fresh, images of the person may conjur up dark emotions. However, with time,  the same visions - through the visual imprint - their spirit sparks a light in the heart- where they live-on.


Anonymous said...

Don't think my heart could take this today. Maybe years ago, but now,no way!


Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia,

That does look like fun! I hope the landing is as much fun as the upward looks!
You are wise not to try this! A gal who broke her arm pruning roses does not want to push her luck! Yikes!!

You are such a good, caring and loving person! You have shown it in so many ways. The most recent to me was when I was sick with a very sore throat and you braved a rainy day to come over and bring me apple cider vinegar! An act of kindness that is Lydia.

Hugs, Trisha

nikkipolani said...

Yah. The offers for acrobatic training are pretty entertaining. Right before I click 'delete.'

However, I do want to know how you broke your arm pruning roses! Mine are pruned except for Fame which will be trimmed when this flush of blooms finishes.

Anonymous said...

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