Friday, March 9, 2012

Bona- fide Baby Shower- Part II - The Festivities


Put away the calorie counter. We're going to skip the appetizers, including the tub of guacamole, the fresh tuna wrapped in bacon that was last seen headed to the barbecue: the mountain of main courses, the refreshment bar- and go straight for the desserts. Loosen your belts....

This is the dessert table BEFORE the main cake arrives

The black forest cake - I count it as Glenda's birthday cake.

(L-R) Cheng San has been friends with Gennina since 3rd Grade
Cheng San from S and S Donut and Bake shop in Valencia - made baby- in-waiting Joseph's frosted blue nautical cake with swimmingly fun details including the blue fondant whales.  Gennina says " Her family has owned this bakery for years- like since we were in elementary school. She was one of my first friends when I moved to California from the Philippines in 3rd grade."  

Gennina continues, "The cake was 3 different flavors. The top was and second tier was white and chocolate cake with nuttela filling. The bottom was chocolate with butter-creme filling."

A bevy of red velvet, cinnamon sugar and peanut butter cupcakes by Sprinkles Cupcakes of Newport Beach  lined empty spots of the table.  

As if we had room for one more bite- chocolate mouse and cheesecake desserts were stuffed into mini shot glass desserts made by both grandmothers-in-waiting and Gennina.

Waddle. Waddle.

The very tall blonde is Gennina's hair sylist- and our daughter-in- law
Gennina is surrounded by beauty experts Sandy Tran and Shannon Morris Plunk.
Sandy is a colorist and Shannon is a stylist with Jose Eber Salon in Beverly Hills.  

In heated competition of the infamous shower games: (L-R) Belinda Alarcon, Mary Huang, Cheng San, Natalie Uribe and Sandy Tran go for it.


  1. "waddle waddle"!
    That cake is incredibly unique...! Beautifully done! And to think there were all those other desserts, too....OH MY!
    It looks like such a happy time, dear Lydia....

  2. Thank you! I got up this morning and only half the post was up- so installment 3 is later.

    The mysteries of the woman pale compared to the mysteries of the computer.

  3. Enjoyed parts 1 and 2. Fortunately, I won't suffer any reprocussions from part 2 as I couldn't indulge over the internet! lol


  4. Wow, those are some serious sweets! You had me giggling with your comparison of mysteries ;-)

  5. You ladies really know how to life it up. What a fun baby shower!

  6. OH My Goodness!! How many pounds did I gain just looking at the photos??? Yesterday we were at Porto's for the wedding cake tasting. That cake could have been one of theirs. Darling!

    Looks like a fun day!!

    XO Trisha

  7. Looked so yummy. I'm sure I put on a pound or two just looking.... not to mention the drool that went all over my keyboard! xo


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