Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Weather, Hawks and Wildlife Report

When the skies cleared, the red tailed hawk took to gliding over the air currents .


Weaving hither and about, it mesmerizes like the swinging watch of the hypnotist.

To and fro, searching for food. Small rodents, snakes and the like

I wonder if the smaller Coopers Hawks will come visit this summer. 

The sparrows pay no mind. It is rare that little birds are snatched from bird feeders. That is usually the scalpel precision of falcons. Otherwise, the arms of the mature cultivated garden make it difficult  for larger predatory birds to successfully swoop in  for dinner..

Other than the striking emerald green laws, it is hard to imagine the pounding the rain gave last weekend. 1.10" between midnight and daylight, with a thunder strike nearby.  My husband told me the lightning flash and thunderous cymbal crash were nearly syncopated. The house heaved- awakening me from a deep slumber with thoughts of tornadoes. It mustn't have hit a house: such close calls with disaster usually makes the news, Things that  because things that frighten make the news.  

The wind blew dry anything it didn't plain blow-away. The smallest portion of warmth is enough to bring out the butterflies. Swallowtails and Painted ladies this week.

Painted lady nectaring from a scabiosa

 When spring is young, even the lizards are lovely. I've never noticed one with such a beautiful blue belly.

Or maybe this wonderment was here all along. What changed is this winter I got a lesson in slowing down. In paying attention to the details. In savoring life.  

God bless you all. Thanks to the support and prayers of people like You, I understand the importance of the expression "Thank God that's over with." 

Thank you to Gerry Plunk for using my camera to take these photos while I was locked up in a witness hearing room. Glad to be home.  


  1. LOVE Watching the Hawks swooping near me here, too...They are so beautiful as they glide through the air.....!
    And I love seeing any and all other sweet Birds, too, like you and your dear husband.....
    The glory's of nature!

  2. How sweet a first thought to find this morning!

  3. Lydia,

    Lovely photos of the hawk! You are right, they are hypnotic to watch. I have been noticing the lizards running around lately more than usual.
    The other night as John was refilling the bottles for his "babies" (hummers) he told me to WATCH!! I did and was amazed they land on his hand and arms while he's hanging those bottles. One was sitting on his finger wondering where did that flower go with all the juice in it! lol They love to hover around him and make their little noises at him as if to say HURRY UP!!

    I am here to testify that Gerry was so right about that lightening then thunder the other night! Felt like I was back in Arkansas during a thunder storm!

    Nice blog! Hugs, Trisha

  4. LOVE the ease in which our comments post! So simple with no hard to read code first!!!


  5. Thank you, Trisha for the comments. Would love to photograph John filling the feeder some time.

    So far Google has done a great job of pre-scanning for spam. If I dropped in much political content- it would probably need another layer of protection.

    I would rather miss an occasional posting than have my readers subject to some of what shows up in the Spam file for me to preview.
    Can't tell a harmless ad from infectious material- so if it comes in other than English or with attachments from a source I don't know- I know the material maybe fine- but I can't verify it as trustworthy.

  6. I am so glad you got that camera! Both you and Gerry take super photos. I hope you checked the red tailed hawk nest cam on my blog today. She's got a couple of eggs. Fun to watch. xo


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