Sunday, May 13, 2012

Encinitas 3- Charming Rurality

"Humility is the gateway into the grace and the favor of God." 
~ Harold Warner   

It was a humble house. Two large trees and a lawn bordered in river rocks. At one side, there was a gate to the private part of the property. It was all but hidden in shrubbery gone a bit wild. Through this opening was but a glimpse which whet the imagination with visions of what might beyond.

This homeowner clearly understands the dramatic impact of strong focal points and the purpose of defined pathways.

The strength of material, mixed with originality indicate intent- The angled wood door of the gate framed under the arched brick eyebrow- the intellect goes to work on solving the riddle of- What is the purpose? 

 Whatever is beyond- it must be wonderful to warrant all this detail.

Say Hello to my husband, Gerry

As a Garden Communicator. I look for elements that are not just visually pleasing; they are thoughtful. The Patina-ed cedar bridge allows visitors to pad across the water feature without needing to leap it like a deer. 

Pond owners are apt to enjoy naming fish like pets. Then the sad day comes when the little ones are gone from the water. Vanished. Some bird has discovered an easy shallow water source to swoop in for a quick fish dinner. While the shaded roofing won't detract raccoon- it is a good line of defense against birds of prey. 

The sundial rests upon the ground, marking the turn in the stone pathway. 

Every good garden has a sense of place. In this modest garden, I could feel God's grace in the humble execution of details.  

Yesterday I visited more charming gardens in Newport and Corona del Mar. Each with a fabulous story to share. As soon as we finish enjoying the rurality of Encinitas. 


  1. It all looks so very personal, too....That door looks like it goes into 'the Secret Garden'...only you are already in it...! Lovely, my dear.

  2. Funny, I don't remember seeing this one, Lydia. We were pretty pooped out and didn't see a couple up the hill from the elementary school and maybe this was one of them.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    Seal Beach

  3. Yes, I can readily see how you could've taken hundreds and hundreds of photos! Thanks for sharing this series from your Encinitas adventure. Gerry looks like maybe he's ready for another spate of tours...


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