Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Encinitas- ~ Vaya con Dios

"The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace."
Numbers 6:24-26

Passing through the orchid guarded gate, if a garden could be a benediction, the  pronouncement of divine blessing, this garden is alive with holy spirit. 

In using every inch of space to good purpose, this garden brought out the joy of California's Spanish heritage in romantic details. 

An  abundance of detail embrace each other, redefining perfect order as something requiring time to burnish in the glow which comes  with aging well.   

Paving and planting are clearly defined as to purpose.  Stucco Walls are softened with greenery and decorated with murals matted in Terra Cotta surrounds. 

Framing the tile murals is the touch of grace- the raised plaster frame- a halo signifying their status as true artwork.

Diane Watson of D& D Interiors taught me to only use tile where the color runs through: no chips and edges detailed like couture . If the edges on these rises were not the same as the surface, the effect would not be so enchanting. The eye would go to a detail ignored, instead of to the flattened arches and  cooling lushness.

Note the breathing space. Just as we need it in our relationships, so do plants. 

Not all the paving matched, but compatible by tone.  More orchids on the table. One can never have too many orchids. Note the icicle lights along the wall.  If you are smart and copy this look- match the wire color as close as you can to the wall. 

An old tree with a lazy limb adds character. Without it, this part of the garden would be like Marilyn Monroe without her birthmark. Just not as interesting

The purple arrows were like bread crumbs- keeping us from getting lost in this amazingly endless garden. 

Every inch of the garden was put to good use. The traditional meaning of frugal isn't cheap. It is used to highest and best advantage. Which this series of raised beds floating in gravel certainly are. 

The railings to the very back of the garden had just enough detail to keep them from being purely utilitarian.

Which is fair, because we women forget that romance is not just about what we want. It's about what he wants, too.

What says man cave like classic cars in a showroom garage with checkerboard floor and red cabinets.

Getting older makes life more romantic. We have these memory triggers to make us smile. Like gas pumps that were manned by service people wearing hats who also washed our windshields at checked the air in the tires. For free. With a smile.

And so I bid fond adieu to Encinitas. 

Thanks to the Metagenix Detox diet, I'm currently down 7 lbs from when this picture was taken

If I have been spare on plant names, it is because this was a date with my husband, not a scouting expedition. This was down time. Complete with dinner out.

However- this spectacular Echium candicans (Pride of Madeira) deserves to be honored with mention.  So lovely in the spring. So dignified in its beauty. With its 10' wingspan, it will eat up most private gardens. However, in the springtime in the San Gabriel Valley- take a drive on Pathfinder Rd between Ronald Reagan Park and Fullerton Road.  Their is quite an impressive stand whose purple spires are a seasonal delight.


  1. OMG, how funny, Lydia as we have the same eye. Remember all of these pics you've posted.

    And apparently like you, I was so jazzed over that old car (think it was a '53 or '54 Pontiac or Olds if I remember now)and especially the one with the old gas pump! That place was so cool!


    Seal Beach.

  2. A delightful post, Lydia, capturing so much of your observations as you toured this restful garden.

  3. Judy- I can't believe we didn't run into each other!
    Nikki- my feet were a half size larger at the point we reached this garden- GOOD thing it was restful):-

  4. Those Purple Flowers are GORGEOUS! And you look terrific, too....!
    This is such a Beautiful well planned Garden....! It was a true pleasure to visit it with you, my dear Lydia.


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