Thursday, September 20, 2012

Change of Perspective ~ Loveland to Denver

"Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective,
 and maybe objectivity."
~ Robert Morgan
American Poet

In my life as a writer, it is not enough to stare at the typeface on the screen.  The words must be printed out. Taken to another room to edit and proof.  The change of screen to paper, paper to the light coming in from a different perspective, brings a new perspective, changes the words, what I think of them and what deeper feelings can be rendered from ink on paper.

The road-trip, a solitary female driving through Denver to Estes Park to Loveland back through to Denver had a similar effect on me.  The change of light from the west coast winding up the Rocky Mountain Roads and back through the farmland exposed me to fresh perspective of all that is wonderful about this great nation.

Such as our diversity. The scenic is obvious. The intellectual spark. Rediscovering this without any pressure to commit was a new kind of fun. Switching back and forth between the progressive and conservative stations which seemed to fill the air like stars on a clear country night. The same facts rendered through different perspectives. To totally believe both would be like reckoning Mars and Saturn are the same planets. Glad my computer was back in Diamond Bar or I might have been tempted to pull over for one of my infamous fact-check missions. There was only one fact on which all agreed. Paul Ryan has climbed lots of Colorado mountains. Another factoid to file away. 

Denver was no problem finding. But I was getting concerned about finding the Botanic Gardens when I happened upon this lovely city park golf course.  My heart stopped at the words inscribed on the entrance to an inner city sanctuary where children learn what the game offers the world- people who spend the day in

Honesty Integrity Sportsmanship
Respect Confidence Responsibility
Perseverance Courtesy Judgment

 I said a silent prayer of gratitude that everyone who crosses this threshold are strengthened by the power of these words. I bought a visor to support their influence, relieved (in all sense of the word when on travel) that just blocks further was my Mecca. The Denver Botanic Gardens.

A sprinkling of  images to help you feel the wetness on my cheeks which was not just because Southern California girls don't generally don't have a clue why people need  umbrellas.   

We don't always take copious notes to recall the exact varieties of dahlias and - is it gomphrena poking their floral buttons up through the star of the show?

What we do always travel with is our hearts. As much as it would have liked to stay, it is back with me in Southern California. The rest of this series would not be possible without it.

Or the generous support of my husband, Gerry. Thank you, honey.


Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures. I do so admire the fact that you can strike out alone in an unfamiliar place and travel around to see what you want to see.
I would be scared to death to do that!
Thanks for sharing your lovely adventure with us all!

XO Trisha

nikkipolani said...

Every time I see dahlias, I'm tempted to grow them. Ah well. Your trip sounds well worth it, Lydia -- from soul-rejuvenating to camera-candy.

Joan S Bolton said...

Beautiful photos -- both of the countryside and the botanic garden.
Thanks for sharing!