Friday, September 28, 2012

Denver Botanic Gardens IV - Celebrating Life

"The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle." 

 ~ Storm Jameson

Gardens are like life- a series of momentary miracles. Our quality of life dependent upon our appreciation of this.

The Denver Botanic Gardens- A collection of 42 gardens, 42 celebrations. Enough images from one day to write for the entire year on this wonderful place where every vision of paradise has a spot dedicated to it.

Don't you love the transition from wildflowers to shade?  The challenge of a hillside transformed into a canvas. A problem turned into an opportunity.

Flowers aren't just to look at. They fill the air with scent, singing out to hummingbirds to come sip. 

A large flat space made romantic by treating it as a large living room divided in two areas. The abundance of plantings rich with texture and pops of color. A living floral arrangement.

The rectangular space made interesting by the ebb and flow of structure, paving and plantings. The repeated columns stained in different colors: classic structure made playful.

The ceramic water basin offering water to wildlife. Small, it is easily lifted to clean and freshen.

What makes life interesting isn't what we match-up, it's in what we mix-up. Tucked in the corner- traditional Southwestern succulents surround the English inspired folly. This area is a mixed marriage with conifers and tropicals is so American in spirit.

The diverse heritage blended with conifers and spiced with tropicals is so American in spirit. It so reminds me of HGTV decorator Candice Olson's  mantra to know the rules so you'll know when to break them.

Cultural richness is so much livelier and truthful representation of real life. Even though it is more work to keep things working smoothly, the easy road isn't what we were taught to value as children was it?

Tucked into a tiny corner is a peaceful pocket- the scripture garden- where scriptural plants are contemplated with text and ornamentation.

The designer of the West Herb garden is memorialized on a sundial.

This red squirrel takes its sacrificial portion of a grape from the pregnant vine.  

Reader and garden goddess Nikkipolani  asked how the manipulation of perspective through height would look from the opposite end of the path. This image is from the destination back to the front where the plantings are taller. The visual impact is the same- the space extends.
My daughter-in-law's Facebook announcement photo

Speaking of miracles and the ongoing celebration of life... I am pleased to announce that Gerry and I are expecting our first official grandchild around March.


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Lydia,

I am sitting here in complete LOVE with the gardens you shared. Jeff and I have to go back there. Last time I visited, well, if you can call it that, I worked for three days and never stepped out into those pieces of paradise.

Thank you for this. Will I see you in Redlands next week? I would love that.

Sending love south,


Lydia said...

Dear Sharon- Your Redlands book signing is on Plan A and Plan B next week):-

Glad you enjoyed the Denver Gardens.

Oregon Sue said...

The gardens are lovely and restful. The grandbaby coming is AWESOME! Congratulations to all! ox

nikkipolani said...

Hey, congrats, Grandma-to-be! Cute announcement :-)

And thanks for the pic looking the other direction. I love all these photos Lydia. They are so full of texture and color and delightful nooks to enjoy. Let's tour the country and hit all the botanical gardens, shall we?

Lydia said...

Thank you everyone for nice words. Nikki- my cyber suitcase is packed. Think its ETA is headed someplace cooler than the LA basin ):-