Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving Rainbows

"If it looks like the sun isn't going to shine, look for the rainbow. If it looks like the sun is really not going to shine, be the Rainbow."
~Maya Angelou

Rainbows are real
Imagine skiing downward through wind-driven snow. You are prepared: yet the air is frigid. The snow sticks to your clothes. Your vision is blurred in fogginess. Your skis launch over a mogul. You turn mid-air-and wham- the sun pierces open a completely different perspective. The sky bleeds pure blue sky. The view is majestic. And forever. 

When faced with serious illness,  there is a choice. You can stop in the storm and wallow at your misfortune. Or you can exercise faith: pivot through in wonder, actively seeking rainbows.

This Thanksgiving, human rainbows found us. Embraced us. 

Jeannie, our younger son's mother- in-law, lights-up every room with her smile. 

We have known some of the guests since they were in kindergarten. 

And now they are parents, and their parents are grandparents

Kelly Morris is Principal at the local elementary school
All this joy was made possible when our daughter-in-law's sister opened her home to include our side of the family.  Kelly did an amazing job of organizing a spectacular evening, forever engraved in our hearts. Two turkeys, smoked rib eye appetizers, a cheese tray the size of Delaware, etc. etc. Every bite, as my mother-in-law likes to say, was dee-licious. 
Melva with her two sons

Gerald with his mom, Melva

Kelly bought this home last summer (It's a small world- the previous owner's dad lives next to us). Located mid-way between the notorious gridlocked traffic between our home and where Gerry's  brother and mother reside,her gracious hospitality made for a joyous mini-reunion. 

It was a happy evening, with space to recount happy memories. Melva and I compared our watches- generous gifts from Eric and his wife from Christmas long ago. Tonight was their 33rd wedding anniversary- Congratulations kids!

As pictures are worth a thousand words- here's the rest of a  novel you can finish in under a minute.  

Our grandson's feast

Mack is starting to find his voice. Most of his sounds are punctuated with the word "ball'". He's not into plates yet. But he is into throwing. 
Our granddaughter taking a break

Charley is 4 now, and a big help in the kitchen. She renamed the appetizer she passed around as Angel Eggs. No way was she going to pass out devilled eggs. 

 Along with a couple gluten-free variations on holiday vegetable dishes, we brought Kelly a small growing arrangement of live traditional herbs.
Eric Plunk, daughter Alden and Charley

Shannon with Alden
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Growing up, I adored crazy Uncle Frank. He was audacious, politically incorrect and a pure adrenaline rush. 

Our grandchildren have Crazy Uncle Eric. As Eric is 6'6" tall- how high in the air does that put Mack?

Kenny and Shannon have been smooching since high school

Thanksgiving is tucked away...Merry Christmas, Everyone! 


Thank you to Kenny for most of the pictures on this post.   


  1. So nice all your family could come together. Sounds like a great meal and good time. The "babies" are growing and so cute! xo

  2. Oh Lydia I just loved this blog!! It's such fun to see photos and read about people I know. So glad you got into one photo. Really great shots.

    It's fun to see Charlie and Mack because our Isabella and Ian are one year older and so much fun to see their progress.

    Isabella and Ian have crazy Uncle Eric and crazy Uncle Daryl. Oh the caption for that photo is "UPPY UPPY UNCLE ERIC" and Charlie is saying 'NO, ME NOW! NO, MY TURN"! :)

    So nice to see Kelly. When she was temporary principal at Castle Rock Elem. she had a nice talk to Matthew. Then she called me and we had a nice long chat. I really wish she had been the permanent principal. I really like that girl!

    Well so happy you and Ger had a lovely day!

    XO Trisha

  3. Susan and Trisha- Thank you for checking in. This year was very special. On to tomorrow.


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