Friday, November 17, 2017

Thanksgiving Thoughts- Kindness as the Twin Pillar of Gratitude

 Even through the dreariness of life's winter seasons, dream of spring.
 Dream it forward. 
~ Lydia Plunk

Photo by Glenda Bona Thompson
For life to be good, kindness should bloom as bountifully as a spring hillside

Image by Gene Sasse

Gratitude is great. But without its twin, kindness, it dies. So spread kindness like wildflower seeds blown in the wind. This is only sure course to choke out the taproots of the saddest of human conditions, the  hardened heart.

 There is scholarly disagreement on whether  these words are properly attributed to Mark Twain. If his name helps spread the wisdom more than 'Anonymous', this is nothing I'll argue with.  

'Wild Blue Yonder' rose bouquet. Image by Gene Sasse.

Kind gestures. Kind words. These are never remembered with regrets. Gather and give.   
Close up by Gene Sasse
Examine your life closely for kindness. In words and deeds.

For us, this past year has been a journey of miracles.  

My husband was in a foreign country when the medical crisis would be ignored no longer. It wasn't a problem the size of a lizard, It was a full-on fire breathing dragon.

To all who helped get him home.... to family members for their loving friends, neighbors  and colleagues whose kindness has included dinners delivered, fruit discovered on the front porch... cards of encouragement, prayers and more ... thank you.    

Sparkling lemonade and cookies 
One of the highlight's of this past month was Pastor Anne Grethe's visit. The Lord is with us everywhere, so  our communion toast in the garden was with sparkling strawberry-lemonade and crackers standing in for wine and bread. Unforgettable. Moving.

Image by Gene Sasse

However difficult life gets- Kind gestures. Kind words. These are never remembered with regrets. They are rays of sunshine through darkest clouds. 

Until we meet again, THANK YOU for all you do to make the world more beautiful. 



Thank you, Glenda for 31 years of friendship and guidance.

Thank you Gene Sasse  for providing images which light up the screen. 


  1. As always, L, your blogs are wonderful. Loved the photos Gene took! xo

  2. Lydia,

    Lovely thoughts and words and beautiful flowers on your blog today.

    That picture of the pitcher and glasses was just beautiful. I could almost taste it. So kind of the pastor to come for a visit.

    You have always been a thoughtful and giving person. I will always appreciate and remember the day I was sick and had a bad throat, you came out in the rain to bring me some apple cider vinegar with which to gargle. That's just one of the instances you were giving. Of course the big thing for me was the day you got me an emergency short notice very hard to get appointment at Jose Eber then drove me there all the way to Beverly Hills! I'll always be grateful for that!

    OK I'll stop before I embarrass you more! :)
    We have had our healthy disagreements but thanks for being a good friend.

    XO Trisha

  3. Thank you, Sue. Yes- Gene is not just a kind man- his artistry with the camera is awe-inspiring. Look forward to your keeping up with your blog. I enjoy the historical time-line tempting recipes.

    Trisha- God would not have made so many people if he didn't want many opinions. How else would we learn? Thank you for your friendship (since 1985) and good thoughts. That visit when you brought chicken over for us- that was a treasured visit. We should repeat soon- bring John and Matthew.

  4. My dear Lydia. I love the phrase in your previous post about collateral beauty -- of trials, hardships, difficulty, struggles of many kinds. God's presence with you both throughout has been evident.

  5. Thank you, Nikkipolani. Every day is a blessing. Every moment a miracle.


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