Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Ask What Ye Will, And It Shall Be Done"

Family & Friends:
As most of you know, Mariah played the daughter of Jennifer Hudson in the movie DREAMGIRLS. We would like to start a PRAYER CHAIN every day at 3:00p (CST) Central Standard Time for her and her family till the safe return of her nephew, Julian King and continued prayers thereafter for their family Please join me and Mariah as we unite and reach out to our holy father to bring this little boy home to his family. Please pass this along to your friends and family. We know, that when we pray in numbers our prayers shall be answered. Lorna
Mariah Wilson is a local girl. When I was Editor of our community newspaper, the Diamond Bar Windmill, Lorna Tate was lovely enough to send us press releases about Mariah's achievement. It was a pleasure to print good news of the fine people living in this wonderful town.
It was eerie yesterday, watching Dreamgirls for the first time, aware of how special that time was for Mariah and Lorna: wondering if there was someway I could reach out to them.
Then the note above arrived with the answer.
The sign and birdhouse decorated with a cross are what I see when I look straight ahead from my desk. Reminders, that in the end, faith sustains us and helps us through difficult times in ways nothing of this world will.

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Loving Annie said...

Poor little boy was killed. This so so sad. Un-necessary tragedies like this just STINK.
Ex-husband is the suspect...

Prayers for the rest of Jennifer Hudson's family sent...